Lean Body Circuits

Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Year Released: 2015

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Kelly Coffey Meyer is one of the few instructors I will place a pre-order with, and probably the only one where that happens on a regular basis. I really like trying all of her workouts, although I don't keep them all. I keep my favorites and it's suprising to me how many of her DVDs I feel are a favorite. I think this one will become one of those in the long term.

Over time, I've seen multiple people ask for a Circuit Burn 2. This DVD has similar workouts, but it is also different from Circuit Burn in some ways. I like them both and feel that both have a place in my DVD collection, especially with me wanting to do more metabolic type workouts these days.

Just like all of the other 30 Minutes to Fitness DVDs, Lean Body Circuits contains two 30-minute workouts that combine cardio and strength and a bunch of premixes. Each workout is comprised of 4 circuits and each circuit has 4 components: hi-lo, boxing, lower body strength and upper body strength in that order. Each component lasts for a minute. She urges you to use heavy weights on the strength work. I started out with 5 pounds (my usual in thepast months - alhtough I'm trying to increase my strength) and then I went to 8 and now I'm thinking about using 10 the next time I do one of these workouts. The crew each has one set of dumbbells ranging from 15-25 pounds. As usual, there is a modifier and she does a good job of giving lower intensity/impact options without looking like she's dialing it in.

One of my favorite parts of this DVD series are the premixes. Some DVDs include a lot of premixes I can use; others not so many. As with Circuit Burn, I think this DVD has a good number that I will use and enjoy. The premixes for this DVD include:

> Combined Workouts - 52 Minutes
> Lean Body Weights - 27 Minutes
> Lean Body Cardio - 33 Minutes
> Lean Body Hi-Lo - 20 Minutes
> Lean Body Boxing - 20 Minutes
> Lean Body Legs - 17 Minutes
> Lean Upper Body - 18 Minutes
> Combined (No Hi-Lo) - 39 Minutes
> Combined (No Boxing) - 39 Minutes
> Combined (No Upper Body) - 42 Minutes
> Hi-Lo and Legs - 30 Minutes
> Boxing and Legs - 30 Minutes
> HI Lo and Upper Body - 30 Minutes
> Boxing and Upper Body - 31 Minutes

Instructor Comments:
She's encouraging and enthusiastic and motivating.

Laura S.