B Fit Cardio Kick Box

Tara Phillips, Michael George
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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I love the video. I only have TAE BO, and while I plan to continue using it, I wanted to add some variety to my kickboxing routine. The poses for some of the punches were different, there was no double time (a big plus for me!)and I wasn't looking at thinking I couldn't do it. He put his instructions on stance at the beginning at the tape, which is good. There's also some toning added with light weights (you could probably do it without, especially if you're just beginning). Advanced exercisers would find it a breeze, but I would recommend it for beginners/low intermediates.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Micheal. He was pleasant, upbeat and emphasized taking your time so that you wouldn't be off balance for the kicks. Tara, on the other hand, must have been hired solely for her counting skills. She had so little to say, I don't know why she was there.



The time line that Collage gave is pretty accurate, about 22 minutes of actual aerobic. It is a circuit style workout where you do between 2-4 minutes of kickboxing-style aerobics and 30-180 seconds of resistance training using dumbbells. The music and set are okay, nothing to brag about. I thought the routine was pretty fun for a beginner advanced to intermediate tape. The thing I didn't like was you stretch then warm up, well I don't stretch cold and so I had to warm up on my own first, stretch and then get into it. The only other thing that bugged me was the Michael kept insisting that he could "really feel it now" when lifting his weights, which I had some serious doubts about since he obviously uses heavier weights to maintain his physique and I didn't get winded with my 5 lb weights.

I think it is a decent intro to kickboxing, but since it is a circuit-style workout I would steer someone who wants a short beginner routine to Cory Everson's tape and a more advanced person to Power Kicks (my fav!).

Instructor Comments:
Well Michael George (not to be confused with George Michael of bathroom fame) does pretty well. They both joke around with each other a lot, but it's not annoying. The only thing I didn't like was Tara had a hearing problem, if Michael said "slow and easy" it came back as "fast and out of control." The only other thing I didn't like, and it's a HUGE peeve of mine, is PAY ATTENTION TO FORM when you are instructing especially! My knees started to hurt just from watching toes going past the feet on lunges and squats.

Stephanie Bridges