Arrow Kick

Tricia Murphy
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Set: This Sara City production uses a much nicer set. Wood floors, white walls and some plants, etc in one corner to offset the studio look.

Music: Instrumental

Warmup: Tricia begins with a few deep breaths and moves into bob & weave. Crosses and jabs are added. She'll introduce a pattern and repeat/add to it. (No complicated choreography and no space issues) You'll repeat the combo with other lead before moving on. Tricia warms up the core with different variations of knee patterns and torso twists. A fun move called "the sweep" works the inner thighs. (in this move you'll move your inner thigh away from the body, like your sweeping the floor) Kicks are kept out of the warmup until you are fully warmed up.

Workout: Knee strikes traveling forward & back begin. Tricia then turns these into push kicks. Next you'll add a lunge back to the push kicks. You'll repeat each combo several times before learning another. Rolls (or speed bag) and jabs to the side follow. Jabs, cross, hook/hook is added next. Knee/side kick then completes this combo. Bob & weave, repeat the above combo to other side. Tricia then does an interval to raise the heart rate. (double jabs to the front with cross back lunges to each side) Bob & weave to recover. Jab, cross, hook, upper cut begins the next combo. Speed bag to other side & repeat combo to that side. Low/high side kick is next. (you'll add this to the previous combo) Lunge down with round house is then added, repeating several times. Jacks with front kicks right lead, then left lead will raise the heart rate. Jabs up & down, with or without impact, follows. Tricia then adds a jab cross to the previous combination. A front kick/side kick completes the combo. Repeat other side to finish.

Cooldown: A spicy cooldown with swaying hips and side to side taps complete your workout. Tricia then goes through some well deserved stretches for your upper & lower body.

Workout length: Only 33 minutes makes it an ideal length for a quick workout or as an add on to other workouts.