X-TrainFit: Toning

Karen Gentz
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Abs/Core , Lower Body Strength , Upper Body Strength

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I got this DVD back when there was a frenzy about it here on VF and then never did it. I just got around to trying it and am glad I jumped on this bandwagon back when.

This DVD has 3 half-hour-ish workouts: upper (25 min), lower (26 min), and core (30 min). In each workout, after a short warmup, she goes through a round (or circuit) of exercises. There is a modifier in each workout. In the upper body workout, she uses a band (which I loved since I really enjoy band workouts). She's worth following even if you stick with dumbbells. In the lower-body workout, the modifier uses either lower weights or no weights. In each workout, the first set is 16 reps, the second is 8 reps with 2 counts, the last is 4 reps with 4 counts. There's an on-screen timer and caption for each exercise. The core workout includes Pilates type floor workout without traditional crunches.

Unfortunately, the DVD isn't chaptered, so you can't skip ahead in a workout. You have to fast forward, if you want to skip ahead. From the menu, there are options to do voice only, music + cues, or cues only, where Karen only cues the moves. I don't think I even heard the music, so I can't tell you what it's like. She gives quite a few form pointers throughout the workout, which I like. She leads the workout with two background exercisers, one who modifies and one who does what Karen does. When there is a third more advanced option, Karen does it.

For an intermediate exerciser, these are very doable workouts and the modifier really makes them accessible. I like the no-nonsense, straight forward instruction. The pace is slow enough that you can go heavy with the weights, whatever that means to you. If I had to describe these workouts, I'd say that they are almost like follow-along paper workouts - no glitz, no chatter, no unique twists, and no big "personalities".

Instructor Comments:
She is calm and low key and practical. She gives lots of form pointers and allows for exercisers at different levels. I really like her in this workout.

Laura S.