Slim Series Cardio Core! Express

Debbie Siebers
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Abs/Core , Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This is a standing cardio-based workout that focuses on the core. Debbie leads with two background exercisers. They do various standing moves, most of which impact the core in one way or another,moves like twists to the side, side kicks, etc. Debbie's cueing is not her best effort and I often started a move 1-2 reps after going "huh?". As with most BeachBody workouts, there is a timer and counter are on the screen at all times. Each time you start a different section, there is a counter that counts down that section. Plus there is a timer that shows how much time is left in your workout.

I do like this workout and did it fairly regularly (I love standing core work), but now have gotten rid of it because it can negatively impact my wonky lower back. However, if you're looking for an intermediate standing core workout, this workout could work for you. Even though the cueing isn't very good, these are simple enough that you can pick up the moves fairly easily and, after doing it several times, you'll know what's coming up.

Toward the end of this workout, she does a woodchop move. In the original version, she did it on one side but then didn't do it on the other side. The move is right at the beginning of a chapter point, so as soon as she's done on that side, use the skip back button to go back to the beginning of that move and just do it on the other side so that you're even. They did edit the workout to include both sides at some point, so some copies will have both sides.

Instructor Comments:
She's encouraging and pleasant. She could cue better though.

Laura S.