KettleX Intermediate

Lorna Kleidman
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Kettlebell, Total Body Workouts

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NOTE: I received a free copy of this DVD for review.

This DVD is offered by instructor Lorna Kleidman, who created the KettleX method of working with kettlebells. Although this is rated as an "Intermediate Workout," I actually found the overall routine quite similar to her KettleX Basics Workout, with the main difference being that here, Kleidman uses two different sized kettlebells during the workout, one heavy, and one light. Kleidman's weight recommendations, which are 10-15 lbs. for the light weight and then "at least" 20 lbs. for the heavy for women and 30 lbs. for men, differ from typical STARTING kettlebell weights that I've traditionally seen recommended, which are more in the range of about 8 kg (16 lbs.) for women and 16 kg (35 lbs.) for men.

The Main Menu of the DVD offers 4 options: Tutorial - Warm Up - Start Workout - Cool Down. I have broken down each segment below (all times listed in parenthesis are approximate). The setting for all segments is a featureless studio with a white floor and white walls.

TUTORIAL (13.5 mins.)
Here Kleidman is featured alone. She briefly breaks down each exercise featured in the workout, spending about 2 minutes per move. The following exercises are included: 1) Zip to Home, 2) Push Press, 3) Swings, 4) Swing to Home, 5) Forward Lunge with Chop, and 6) Swing Flip.

WARM-UP (4 mins.)
NOTE: The warm-up moves are IDENTICAL to what appears on Kleidman's Basics DVD.
Kleidman is alone for the warm-up as well. She starts with alternating arm circles, moving into shoulder circles and shoulder reaches. She steps back (lunges) to the rear with arms and then moves into side lunges. She then moves to the floor for a series of spine stretches which includes several repetitions of plank to v-stretch to two push-ups. Coming back to standing, Kleidman concludes the warm-up with about 1 minute of high impact cardio moves (e.g., side-to-side hops, twists, jumping jacks).

WORKOUT (40 mins.)
Here Kleidman is joined by a background exerciser who shows slight modifications for some of the movements. The workout features the moves from the tutorials performed in rounds, usually completed three times as described below. (Note: although there are no chapter headings, each round is internally chaptered, allowing you to skip on your remote.)
*Round 1, 3x total (using heavy KB): 1) Zip to Home --> Push Press, 2) Double Arm Swings
*Round 2, 3x total (using light KB, which appears to be used for remainder): 1) Swing to Home --> Squat Press, 2) Forward Lunge with Chop, 3) Alternating Swings
*Round 3, 3x total: 1) Lateral Lunge (bring KB to toe), 2) Swing Flip, 3) Circles around Hips (add 1-leg balance), 4) Push-Ups (on floor, no KB)
*Round 4 (moving to floor), 2x total: 1) Turkish Get-Up in Increments: a. Torso Reach, b. Hip Lifts, c. Leg Lifts, d. Side Plank, 2) Diagonal Chop (lying to seated), 3) Plank Rows

COOL DOWN (4 mins.)
NOTE: The cool-down moves are IDENTICAL to what appears on Kleidman's Basics DVD.
Kleidman is alone again for the cool-down. She begins with a lunging hip flexor stretch, moving into a runner's stretch for the hamstrings. She stretches the forearms on the floor, then the triceps and shoulder stretches. Kleidman concludes with full body hangs and breathing.

In my review of the KettleX Basics DVD, I broke down the specific reasons that Kleidman's style of kettlebell training does not click with me; I won't rehash that here. Suffice to say that although some will enjoy the fast-paced, fusion nature of this workout, it didn't work for me.

Instructor Comments:
Kleidman does a decent job instructing this workout, but as noted, she doesn't teach in the RKC style that I prefer. Furthermore, I don't feel that the short tutorial provides enough instruction to fully explain how to perform the movements.

Beth C (aka toaster)