Weight Watchers Points Plus Fitness Series: Total Body Cardio Stretch

Jennifer Cohen
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Yoga

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I found the title on this one to be misleading. I was looking for something that would help me get my steps up as that is something I struggle with on the weekends especially. Jennifer Cohen starts this one by saying that it is a combination of yoga and dance. In reality it is half sun salutations into downward dog, then a different move for each combo. So it might go half sun salutation, downward dog, baby cobra. Then that combo repeated then back to the half sun salutation, downward dog, and another move. Though each time she does a different move at the end she calls it adding on. The final position is pigeon which I personally love, so points for that. This was fully a stretch video however, there was no cardio involved, even the poses moved so slowly that they had no cardio effect.
There is a beginner workout and an express option on this DVD, and though I didnít do them, I reviewed them and they seemed like recycled footage.

Instructor Comments:
Still not a fan of Jennifer, that didnít change with this. She comes off as stern but not necessarily encouraging.