Michael Olajide, Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Aerobox is a unique intermediate to advanced workout that's great for cross-training purposes. It has lots of interesting camera shots, alternating black and white cinematography, and a long instructional segment on proper form. The music sounds more like something you might hear on an ESPN sports show soundtrack rather than typical "aerobic mix" music.

The video is taught almost entirely by a male boxer, Michael Olajide, and would be masculine enough for most guys. This is not a beginner video--it requires coordination, upper body strength (for the fast punches) and the ability to be light on your feet. The jumprope segments may be too aerobically intense and/or too high impact for some, as well. If it's too intense you can always start by doing those sections with no jumprope, though you can't exactly modify the impact level.

I work out with advanced level tapes, and I tend to choose this tape on an "easy day" or when I just need something a little bit different.



Michael (Olajide) provides most of the instruction in this video. However, don't expect a boxer trying desperately to give aerobic instruction. He's a natural, and it's hard to believe he's not a professional aerobics instructor!

This is a FUN video. I use muscle toning videos three days a week, and use this about three times a month on one of my two 'cardio' days per week. It's great for a change of pace, not to mention a great workout. The boxing sections are fun, and you don't realize how hard you're working until you stop to think about it. The boxing segments alternate with jumping rope, which may sound easy, but it's not. I've done this video about five times and have yet to use my jump rope. They say the rope increases the intensity, and I'm not ready for that - even though I feel I'm in good shape aerobically. This is a good intermediate video, although I don't think an advanced exerciser would be bored. A good, fun change of pace!

Joni O


This video is very innovative incorporating boxing moves into a fun workout! Kathy is basically following Michael's lead, adding just a few hints on form and reps. I thoroughly enjoy Michael's style and personality which exude motivation. There is also an obvious rapport with Michael, Kathy and the rest of the workout crew.

It starts off with an excellent instruction time with Michael and Kathy performing each move (upper cuts, jabs, power punches, hooks, etc.) and discussing correct form. The workout is broken down into 8 sections: the warm-up (great stretches! - about 5 minutes), stationary boxing (which focuses primarily on arm moves), the stick and move section (combining arm & leg boxing movements), 3 jumprope sections which get progessively more challenging, the cool-down (with a few more stick and moves included - about 5 minutes) and stretches. The production of this video is excellent with funky camera angles while switching between color and black and white photography. The set is very hip and the outfits that each member of the workout team fits well with the boxing theme. This is a great video for you if you want to try something different and aren't too concerned about getting every move perfect. I did this video regularly for 1 1/2 years and never quite got all of the timing of some of the moves right (you'll notice that Kathy had difficulty too!). I was also never able to get coordinated to use a jumprope at all. Despite these details, I was still able to get a decent cardiovascular workout and learn some moves that I will put into practice if I'm ever in a self-defense situation. This is not one of the videos I use regularly now, but it sure is a blast.

Rachelle Trigueros


Not only is Kathy Smith a BABE, she also is fit which kinda sets some people off this video. Her style of training is for everyone. She has simple techniques that are fun and get results. As for her Boxing Partner Michael Olajide JR, well what can you say. He's a boxer, not an areobics instructor.

The video is real fast paced and you will probably have to watch it more than once before starting. The warm-up is GREAT, they do some great stretching and the break down the punches in good detail. Wen the video starts up the first thing I noticed was the camera angles. They keep jumping around alot, so if you want to see their posture, it's pretty hard. Keep your ears open on this one. They talk fast and if you miss something you're lost for the duration of the exercise. This wasn't a big problem for me seeing as I watched it and studeid it twice before doing it. Overall it is a real good video. A must get. You'll be sweatin' within the first 3 min, I GAR-ON-TEE!. Make sure to pick it up next time you see it.

Chris Maksylewicz


Much has already been written about this video, but I'll just add that it is responsible for increasing my cardio-vascular fitness noticeably and I put that mainly down to the skipping sections. I find these particularly challenging as the jumping seems more difficult than any high impact aerobics I've used previously (and I've never even tried to use a rope!) Don't eat a thing for at least 2 hours before doing this video! Also, my arms and legs feel like they've had a good toning session the next day, especially the forearms which I guess don't usually get much work.
This is a fun video which is challenging, effective and just flies by. It's been a real investment.



"Boring" is the first word that comes to mind, and I know I'm in the minority about this! While the type of workout is a great concept -- boxing movements incorporated into aerobics -- I think the implementation needs a lot of improvement. I found it extremely monotonous. If it had been choreographed into a more aerobic-dance-like routine, it could have been really good. I have another boxing workout on the Gold's Gym Cardio tape, and it's a lot of fun. In fact, that's what prompted me to get this one. But Aerobox is just too boring for me, so I'm putting it in the Video Exchange.

Annie S.


This is a good tape, but I will agree it is a little boring. It is one that I will do once a month or on a day I dont fell like working out. But I will say it does get me sweating and I have learn boxing moves with this tape. May come in handy some day. The frist part of this tape is instructions on how to do different boxing moves, ex: uppercut, jabs, hooks. Then the warm up with strechs. After that there is thirty min. of boxing moves, jumprope intervals, I think broke into three sections. I have never use the jump rope, and there are people in this video that dont use it. So I just follow along with them. I always feel sore the day after doing this video in my arms and back. I just wish it was a little less boring. I would probably do it more. I would recommend this video for Intermediate people that dont like alot of choreography.

The instructor is mainly Michael, although once in a while Kathy will throw in a few comments. Michael is great.



I really enjoyed this workout and would recommend it highly to an intermediate exerciser. I have been exercising for about 6 years now and this is the most challenging workout I have ever done. The boxing movements are hard to grasp especially when I am so uncordinated, but I love the jump rope section. I do not agree with others that it's hard to see their form because the angle, it is onlu because the boxing movements are fast but with practice these movements will become easier. I give this video an A.

Instructor Comments:
Kathy smith here is not the main focus of the video, she has learned this workout this workout through a boxer, who is the instructor in the video.

Natalie Sole


Most of the reviews for this video is correct & well said, so I'm going to add that this workout is good for people like me who don't happen to like dancy aerobics or a group of people making all those silly whoops & shouts. Music isn't bad, which is surprising, but you're working so hard to even notice! The time seems to fly while doing this video. Make no mistake, this video is killer, but it's FUN, for those of you who are intermediate exercisers like me, the jump-roping section will definately take you to an advanced level if you keep it up especially if you actually use a jumprope! Grade: A++

Instructor Comments:
Michael Olajide is cool, he's encouraging, but doesn't do it in a macho-intimadating way. Kathy Smith is a pretty good instructor, I like her style- she seems sincere & she's not annoying & wearing a plastic smile like most other aerobic instructors.



I really liked this video. It's very different & just the right thing when you need something to shake up your routine. I found it very challenging and am looking forward to working on my form for the next time I do the workout. The next day I was pleasantly sore in the upper body in muscles I didn't even know I had. I did the jump rope sessions without a jumprope and found it very challenging. I liked the set too. The only thing that irritated me about this video was that Kathy's microphone was turned on so you could hear her grunt, etc when doing certain moves. I didn't like that or when she tried to count at certain times -- it just seemed out of place. I found Michael to be very good with cueing and very professional.

Definately a keeper.

Instructor Comments:
I don't particularly like Kathy Smith. I don't know why but there's something about her that annoys me. BUT, I didn't mind her at all in this video. She's more or less a participant rather than a lead.



This workout is such a welcome change of pace from my usual dancy tapes and weight training. I find this the type of tape which you can improve with the more you use it - you'll see improved fitness fairly quickly and your punching will definatley improve! The jump rope section is tough to finish - you can choose to omit a section of the rope part if you like. This one is still in my regular monthly rotation and I have owned it for at least 2 years now!

Instructor Comments:
Michael is a really good instructor, he is soft spoken and very clear with instruction. I particularily like Kathy in this video becuase she didn't talk alot, Michael is the main instructor. They have fun together which makes me have fun.

Cinnamon Conrad


Visually interesting video. But the workout itself is somewhat monotonous. Basically you do a few boxing moves then a jumprope routine, then a few boxing moves, then another jumprope routine, then a few boxing moves, then another jumprope routine. I prefer videos with more of a variety of body movements. If you like standing in one place while jumping up and down this video is for you. I find the lack of interesting exercise combinations to be a real drawback to this workout. This was one of the first exercise videos I ever bought and for about one year I only owned this video and Stephanie Steele's Knockout Workout. The Steele tape has a lot of problems, but I did it almost every day of the week because I enjoyed the moves. When I did Aerobox it was only because I felt like I should do it since I spent money for it. Now that I have discovered Tae-bo and Powerkicks I only do Aerobox when I'm feeling unenergized and need something mindless and monotonous that will get my heartrate up but doesn't take too much of my attention span to do.

Instructor Comments:
Kathy is a bit too cutesy in this video. Michael is very personable and does a great job during the instructional portion.

Lori Polo


This is a fun video! I've been using it regularly for a few months now and I haven't gotten tired of it! It's broken out into several sections: warmup, stationary boxing, stick and move, three jumprope sections with stick and move in between each, then an aerobic cooldown and stretch. It's an excellent aerobic workout since you're constantly moving and the jumprope sections really get your heart rate up! The boxing moves are a lot fun. It requires some coordination to get the arms movements and footwork in sync, and you need to be light on your feet, but once you have it, you feel like you're moving with speed and agility. It makes a great change of pace if you want some variety in your workout.

Instructor Comments:
Michael Olajide seems so friendly! He cues fairly well and makes the workout fun. This is the only tape I have of Kathy Smith, so I don't have any others to compare to, but I don't have any complaints and she seems like a pretty good instructor. It's mostly Michael leading, although Kathy will throw in some pointers here and there. Michael and Kathy have a good rapport and it looks like they're having fun.



I recently got this video, and am going to return it after only trying it once. My biggest problem with it is that most of the cardio exercise is derived from jumping up and down. This overstressed my calve muscles, and didn't seem to affect any other muscle group. It didn't feel like the punching exercises were especially taxing, and the twisting seemed potentially dangerous. As well, it didn't seem like Kathy and Michael had been working on this video for very long (there was a point where even she couldn't follow him).

Instructor Comments:
While I am pretty neutral about Kathy, I didn't have much faith in Michael Olajide's instruction. It seemed as though he could have been more description about proper form, and there were instances where Kathy had to interject information he missed.

Anna Keeler


One of the best workouts I have done. Makes me sweat like crazy and gets my heart rate up. I wouldn't recommend it to beginners because they may get discouraged because at times it gets confusing. At the end of the workout your arms are so tired that you can hardly hold them up any longer. Great workout and I give it an A+++.

Instructor Comments:
Both were very good. I love Kathy Smith. She always keeps everything relatively simple and is always encouraging throughout the exercise session. Michael is great! It was nice to see him leading the routines since he is a boxer.

Tanya M.


Impact is way too high. I can only do this tape about once every other week. It's too bad because I think it's an enjoyable workout, plenty of variety, motivating music. But my feet just won't take it.

Instructor Comments:
I have another of Kathy Smith's tapes, and I just find her annoying. Olajide is terrific -- clear explanations, good personality.

Susan Haas


I have worked out for over 5 years and I love to box. I am a fanatic about form and this video I thought was horrible. It was cheaply put together. After a few work outs to this I threw it in the trash. It wasn't even good enough to pass on. Invest your money in a Cathe Frederich video. You'll never be let down!!!!!



I have had this video for a long time, but only recently started doing it on a consistent basis. It has been reviewed rather extensively, so I won't write much.
If you don't mind higher impact and are looking for a video without complicated choreography and that can be perfromed using a minimum of space, this would be a good choice.
The tape is not an interval tape per se, but it does mix periods of lower intensity with periods of high intensity (the jump rope section).
There is a warm up, a stationary boxing section and then sections called stick and move alternating with jump rope sections. I never, ever, ever use a jump rope and probably never will. I lack the coordination, and get my hear rate up fine without one.
What I like about this tape is that it just seems to fly by. The stationary boxing section is the longest at 11 minutes, and then the three stick and move, jump rope sections are about 3-4 minutes long. Even if you are bored with one move, it won't last too long.
The music is instrumental. It is loud and motivating.
Kathy really does not do much instructing here, that is left to Michael Olajide. He does a fine job and is fine to look at to boot!



I'm an intermediate exerciser.
I have mixed feelings about this one.

The positive: I like all the imagery & ambiance of it. The industrial look works for me, I like the outfits, the crew, the chemistry between Kathy and Michael, the music and the work out seems efficient enough (see negative).

The negative: I just can do it! I can't keep up with the pace and feel that I'm in control of my body. I have tried it 10-12 times and it never gets any better !?!?! This is the first time this happens to me. I have no other experience with boxing W/O, so I don'tt know if it's the style of exercise or this specific routine. I have recently traded it.

Josee D


Aerobox is a tough boxing working combined with jump rope drills to up the intensity even further. Although it is designated as a Kathy Smith workout, the workout is actually led by Michael Olajide, a boxer, with Kathy offering only occasional form pointers and encouragement. Prior to the start of the workout, Kathy and Micheal review the moves which will be used during the routine and discuss proper form. In addition to Michael and Kathy, there are 3 other background exercisers.

The workout begins with a warmup lasting just over 7 minutes. In this section, you will perform simple punches combined with side steps and plenty of twists to begin raising the heart rate; the warmup ends with some basic upper and lower body stretches. The next section, standing boxing, is the longest segment at 11 minutes. You will begin concentrating more intensly on the punches here, as Michael introduces some double-time moves. Following this comes "Stick and Move 1," a 4-minute segment which adds some simple footwork--most via boxer's shuffles--to the boxing movements. Although this increases the impact, you could easily modify to keep the workout low-impact (but certainly not low intensity!).

Next comes the first jumprope segment, which lasts 4 minutes. One of the background exercisers does not use the jump rope, and I found it difficult to even imagine being able to keep up with the footwork while using an actual jump rope. Furthermore, even without the jump rope, I felt like I was working pretty hard during these segments. A second "Stick and Move" section follows, this one only 2 minutes but with some quicker footwork. The next jumprope segment last 5 minutes, with the moves becoming a bit more complex. The final "Stick and Move" section is also only 2 minutes and again involves quick footwork. The final jumprope section is performed by only Michael and two of the background exercisers--it seemed like the others were having trouble keeping up! This 4-minute segment ups the intensity and impact even further by adding some jogging a knee raises.

At this point, the workout begins to wind down. First there is an "Aerobic Cool-Down" during which you are still doing punches and some footwork, but at a much slower pace. Next comes 4 minutes of simple stretches, repeating some of the same exercises from the warmup. The total workout time is 50 minutes, but if you watch the video beyond this point, you will see Kathy and the other exercisers goofing around with Michael, as they are all wearing eye patches to match him. Overall, this was an intense aerobic workout which would be perfect for experienced exercisers looking for something new to add to their routine.

Instructor Comments:
I thought Michael instructed very well; he seemed to have some experience in this area, as he offered flawless mirrored cueing and usually did a good job of cueing any movement changes. Kathy herself was a bit annoying at times, but this was tolerable given that she did not lead the workout.

Beth C (aka toaster)


This is an old one but a good one! No kicking in this, just punches and jump roping. There is a warmup, Stationary Boxing, a Stick and Move/Jumprope circuit and a cooldown. The whole thing runs about 50 minutes.

This workout is intermediate/advanced. I would say it is one of the harder videos from the Kathy Smith line. Although they don't do it in the video, I wear one and a half pound weighted gloves during the Stationary Boxing and Stick and Move sections for more arm toning. The moves are not really complicated but so fast that you have to concentrate. The jump roping section is tough. I've never actually done the jump rope section with a jump rope but I still get a darned good workout!

The jump roping section is also in Kathy Smith's Personal Trainer DVD, but I would recommend doing the complete Aerobox by itself to really do the workout the way it is supposed to be done.

Regarding the quality of the video, I would have preferred for it not to be shot like an MTV video because it's sometimes confusing to tell just how you're supposed to stand when Kathy and Michael are at a diagonal weird camera angle. But it's a minor complaint for me overall.

Worth taking a look at.

Instructor Comments:
Kathy is a little bit out of her element in this video in terms of form and keeping up, but Michael Olijade is the one to watch.

Lady D


This has been broken down pretty well already. I just wanted to add that it was a great, late discovery for me. I like kickboxing workouts more than boxing workouts, but this one is awesome. The punching sequences do get very rapid, but I assume that's authentic boxer training! If you already have your jabs, hooks and uppercuts down, it's a welcome challenge. I do the jump rope with no rope, but still get in a good bout of cardiovascular work. It's definitely not for those who dislike jumping and high-impact.

I love the diverse cast, Michael's style and the "stick" sets. Michael and his main male backup look hot! I give Kathy Smith a lot of credit for doing various workouts with guest instructors.

Instructor Comments:
Kathy injects some useful voice-over comments, such as cuing you for the next punching combo, but during the actual workout she doesn't really do much. She actually exclaims at one point that it's too fast for her!

Michael is great. I have his more recent videos as well. I love his sense of humor, too. He asks Kathy during the ski jump move what great boxer it reminds her of (it's a move associated with Muhammad Ali). She doesn't know, so he tells her, then jokes, "I would've thought you'd say 'me.'"



This workout has obviously been well reviewed, so I won't give a breakdown. I consider myself at a high intermediate level (maybe low advanced on a good day). I recently bought a jump rope and want to get into jumping, so I picked this video up in a trade. (Thanks, Fit Chick Kate!) I did it for the first time this morning, and I really enjoyed it! It's not overly "hard," per se, in that I was not gasping for breath, but I was dripping sweat when I was done, and felt very worked out. The shadow boxing and move & stick exercises can be tricky - either because of the speed or the timing of the movements. I think it will be wonderful for building coordination and timing. I love a workout that exercises my brain too by requiring me to use it to learn the moves! The jump roping sections, though short, will skyrocket your heart rate! Even if you're advanced, unless you are an advanced rope jumper, you will get winded! Rope jumping is HARD! LOL! I'm not ready for the fancier jumps. I am content at this point just to do a standard jump and see if I can work up to doing it the entire time. When I had to take a break today, I just put down the rope and mimicked the movements without it. That allowed me to recover a little while still keeping my HR up and also to start learning the jumps. All in all, the actual workout from warm up to cool down/stretch is 50 min. I really liked it - enough changes to keep it interesting, but not so complex that it will take you a hundred run throughs to get it down. I think guys would like this workout too.

Instructor Comments:
I'm not a fan of Kathy's, but she says very little in this video. The main instructor is former boxer Michael Olajide, and he does an excellent job.