Element: Daily Yoga

mia togo
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Yoga

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This DVD has a morning & an evening sequence. The workouts are set in front of the Pacific Ocean with a lot of greenery. The workouts are done in voice-over. You wont need any equipment but an optional yoga mat.

Morning Sequence (40 min): This flowing routine includes some stretches. You begin with breath work and into: cat cow, plank hold, plank - down dog - chataranga, cobra, updog, crescent, forward fold, sun salutation a, warriors, side angle pose, 1 legged chair, half boat, double crunch with leg extension, bridge, resting pigeon and ends with a long corpse pose and meditation work.

Evening Sequence (42 min): This flowing routine contains a lot of good stretch work. After breath work, exercises include: down dog pedals, crescent pose, 3 leg dog, bent over hamstring stretch, twisted chair, chair pose, forward fold, dolphin pose, bird dog, lying back work, cobra, seated & lying stretches, and concludes with a long corpse pose.

These are nice flowing routines that are appropriate for most fitness levels. Mia is a good lead and the set is gorgeous. A great DVD with a lot of workout minutes. Nice blend of yoga & yoga styles stretching. I received this DVD to review.