Weight Watchers: 7-Day Tone & Burn

Lisa Wheeler
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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This DVD has two 30 minute workouts. Lisa leads with 2 background exercisers, one showing a beginner options, the other an advanced and Lisa working out at an intermediate level. You will need dumbbells for the Tone workout.

30 Minute Tone: this strength w/ cardio bursts routine contains two 4 exercise circuits. After your warmup, exercises include: plank series, pushup modifications, a lunge series with a weighted pass through, hinge & row, lat row, fast feet & skater, squat & military press, diagonal reach & push, deadlift & dip bridge & ribcage pullover, plank lat raise to low squat, and a cool down.

30 Minute Burn: These exercises include cardio exercises, 15 second cardio blasts, and recovery. Exercises include hop up & back, shuffle & scissors, bursts, burpee knee hops, curtsy & pulse squat hops, walk out to plank jacks then up to jacks, lunge & kick to jumprope, crab drops & V holds, cooldown & stretch.

I rate these low intermediate routines, as the exercisers start at a lower level & progress to a higher. Lisa and crew use light dumbbells but you can easily heavy up for a more advanced workout. I am always looking for good cardio workouts and the Burn workout fits that bill, it will definitely be getting used. Lisa is a good instructor with a great demeanor. The modifier options make this a great DVD to grow with. I received this DVD to review.