Heaven's Gym: Outlook

Natalie Richardson and Stephanie
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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This is a workout that is from a series of workouts from a Christian perspective. Each DVD has a theme (the one for this DVD is Outlook) and the talk during the workout focuses around that theme.

The workout itself is comprised of two one-mile walks led by two co-presenters. They talk to each other and us, the viewers. The moves are all very simple and include standard walking moves. The presenters are against a white background that doesn't even have a division between the walls and floor. It's kinda freaky. I didn't notice anything about the music. There are a few (three?) sections in which they go from the two presenters to a short clip talking about various aspects of outlook with Scriptural references. The outlook of the workout is definitely from a Christian perspective.

Overall, I found the workout kinda boring. There are other better walking workouts out there. If you want the spiritual perspective, then it might be worth getting.

Instructor Comments:
They were both okay, seemingly nice without being super engaging.

Laura S.