Rockin' Body - Booty Time

Shaun T.
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Lower Body Strength

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This is one workout in the Rockiní Body series which is led by Shaun T. I generally like these workouts, and am finding joy in dance workouts partly because of them, however this is not that. It does have the dance vibe, but when they called it Booty Time, he wasnít joking. Its lots of squats and plyo moves and a few lunges for good measure. There is some dance flavor to it, but donít be confused, this is a lower body workout. Tania is modifying as usual, but the rest of the group is doing more impact than I remember from any of the other DVDs in the series. All of that being said, I enjoyed this and my legs felt somewhat worked at the end.

Instructor Comments:
Shaun T is a little wacky in his dance workouts, he likes to say things in rhyme and freestyle dance while everyone else is dong something else, but he's fun and encouraging and I enjoy him in this just as much as in Insanity.