P90 Sculpt A

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I am reviewing this workout after doing it 6 times. I have never done a Beachbody rotation, but after much hemming and hawing, I decided to jump on the free 30-day streaming that they offer and do P90.

Because I am in Phase A, I have done this workout several times (alternating with Sweat A), as indicated by the workout calendar. Six times so far and I still enjoy it. I find I get winded with this routine; switching between upper and lower body moves, where the lower body moves raise the heart rate, keep it up there.

The modifier shows all the moves with tubing, often done with less range of motion or intensity. I prefer the use of dumbbells (plus I don't have the set-up to attach a tubing anchor). That is one of my main complaints: I wish they showed dumbbell alternatives right off the bat (they show alternatives in the Sculpt B workout, but why should I have to go searching for them?)

Lower body moves are squats and lunges, plus a whole lot of holding high/crescent lunge while working the upper body ("Rocket Rows" or kickbacks or such). That really works everything all at once! Upper body moves are curls, presses, kickbacks, rows.

Instructor Comments:
Tony keeps the chatter up with playful banter. Sometimes funny, sometimes not. Overall, he does great and is encouraging but I wish he'd count reps a little more - but for the most part, everything is 16 reps so you can figure it out on your own.



P90 is an update of Tony Hortonís first Beachbody series, Power 90 which was released back in 2000. While there is nothing wrong with Power 90 from an exercise point of view, it does appear quite dated and the production values are poor. Hence, creating an updated version for 2014. P90 is geared toward the person just getting back into fitness or for someone who, for whatever reason, canít do high intensity or hardcore workout systems that Tony and Beachbody have become known for producing.

The P90 set includes 10 workouts broken up over 4 DVDs. The program starts with the 3 workouts on the A disc which are the shortest in length and meant to be foundation for the other 2 stages. There are 3 more workouts on disc B, and another 3 on disc C. There is a 4 disc which has the Saturday Special workout. For an additional cost you can purchase the Speed disc which has 3 Speed workouts and Tonyís Greatest Hits.

This review is for Sculpt A. The total running time is about 31 minutes.

Exercisers: Tony works out with 3 background exercisers, 1 woman who shows the modifications and/or does all the exercises with tubing, and 2 men, one of whom is in his 60s (itís nice to see the variety of exercisers vs. fitness models). Everyone is wearing athletic tops and shorts and no one is noticeably mugging for the camera.

Setting & Music: The set reminds me of a cross between a gym and a loft. It's brightly lit and there's wooden floor with benches, weights, resistance bands, other fitness accessories and posters in the background. The music is instrumental with a kind of rock vibe to it. I found it neither detracted nor enhanced the workout. There is a music off option.

Equipment: tape H on the floor, several sets of dumbbells, resistance band.

Warm Up: run in place, press jacks, twist & pivot. Egosque grip circles (forward and back), sun salutations.

Exercises: Almost all exercises are done for 16 reps. If the exercise is done for time I have noted it below. Iíve also noted which exercises have everyone using tubing. If not noted, everyone is using dumbbells and the modifier is using tubing.

The exercises are: half pushups (for time), rocket row with tubing, skier squats, touchdown press, standing curls, launcher kickbacks, step back lunges, 30 second break, walking half pushups, Sawyer chin pull with tubing, side step squat, deep swimmerís press, rocket launcher curls, tricep kickdowns w/ tubing, kayak back lunge.

Cool Down: side bends, chest stretch, wide leg forward fold, groin stretch, runners lunge, and ragdoll up.

The pace of the exercises is very deliberate and Tony often throws in an isometric hold element to increase the intensity. The exercises can be made easier or harder depending on your weight selection and range of motion. That being said, I think that most advanced exercisers would not find this workout challenging enough. I think it is best suited for beginner to intermediate exercisers.

Overall impressions: This is a solid total body strength workout that gets a lot done in just over 30 minutes. Tony Horton has A LOT of personality and it seems that you either love it or find it incredibly annoying. I personally love all things Tony Horton and am not bothered by his colorful commentary or sometimes goofy talk. I enjoyed the workout quite a bit and definitely felt I got in a solid strength workout.

Instructor Comments:
Tony is a great instructor and demonstrates impeccable form. His commentary at times can be goofy and a little off the wall, and I find it breaks the seriousness often associated with Beachbody systems. Tony doesnít do the whole workout and often starts the exercise and then goes around to the backgrounders pointing out the form, the modification, or making corrections/adjustments. Tony sincerely wants the home exerciser to try their best and forgot the rest!

Sabine Reuter