Core Results

Julie Wilkes
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Abs/Core

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Core Results is a total core session, working all areas of the abdominal region. It is broken down into several sessions. Julie always works with 2 assistants. She was wise to ensure she had a modifier in each section. Even if the background exercisers change, the dvd viewer will always know who to follow because Julie dressed all the beginner modifiers in blue outfits. For for more advanced options, follow the individual dressed in red (Julie remains somewhere in between the two levels). The total length of the entire workout is approximately 90 minutes. The only equipment that is required is an exercise band (which is included with the purchase of the dvd). Optional equipment that Julie uses to intensify some moves include light hand weights and a pilates ring.

The dvd is conveniently broken down into several chapters/segments, making it easier to do the workout in smaller chunks. The chapters are as follows:

Welcome: 8:30 minutes
Warmup: 16 minutes
Insane Abs: 23:30 minutes
Lean It Out: 35 minutes
The Final Cut: 2:15 minutes
Cool down: 6 minutes

The warmup contains some dynamic, gentle stretches and progresses to exercises to activate the rectus abdominals. Insane Abs is for definition and endurance. Julie intergrates some Pilates movements along with the more traditional core work. In this section you'll perform high reps, holds and pulse work--lots of endurance work for the core. Lean It Out is for all areas of the abs working the front first, then the obliques/sides and then moving into the back. It is intended more for strengthening and lengthening. This is the longest section of all of them and Julie incorporates the "tools" to further enhance the toning benefits. The band is the only required piece, the others are optional. You'll begin again with a few traditional Pilates type moves (however the band makes the lower abdominals work harder). Julie offers unique tips throughout to ensure proper alignment and she is always encouraging. The Final Cut segment use no equipment but it is tough! Utilizing plank work, you'll complete your session with one of the best exercises for the core! The cool down is very relaxing~you'll gently stretch to conclude the workout.

The set is bright and open with brick walls and hardwood floors. The music was instrumental.