It's All Heart DVD Kit Level 2

Bobby Whisnand
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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This is a set that comes with four DVDs, a ball and pump, a set of 3 bands, and a journal that lays out what you should do day by day. The bands include one set of handles and bands that are extra light, light, and medium. I figured this out because my Spri light band is the same as their middle band. The first DVD is comprised of tips and form pointsers and an explanation of the program, so there are three workouts.

The workouts are all circuits, alternating strength and cardio segments. It is at the intermediate level at best. Since I'm coming back from a really bad year with lots of lost fitness, this is a good level for me. Many VFers will find it "too easy". I never do programs as they are supposed to be done, but for those who do, the way the program is structured is something like:

Monday - Workout #1 LB
Tuesday - 30 minutes of cardio, whatever you want, they don't provide it
Wednesday - Workout #2 UB
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Total Body
Saturday - 30 minutes of cardio, whatever you want, they don't provide it

There are two background exercisers with Bobby. He does some of the workout and coaches the two other exercisers the rest of the time. There is a "music off" option, which I never chose, but I can't remember hearing any music. It must have been prettly soft.

I found this at I don't think it's worth the high price they charge for it, but I got it on a good sale with loyalty points off. I wish they would have released the DVDs without all the equipment.

Instructor Comments:
Bobby comes across as an encouraging "good ole boy". He does give a lot of form pointers and is encouraging.

Laura S.