Alignment Snacks: Leg Goes Forward; Leg Goes Back

Katy Bowman
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Instructional / How To Videos , Special Health Conditions

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Katy Bowman’s “Alignment Snacks” are short (20-30 minute) downloads which focus on body alignment. In each “snack,” Katy leads an unseen (but not unheard) class through an alignment session consisting of various stretches and/or gentle exercises. These movements are performed while Katy provides information on proper alignment. The snacks currently cost $5 each; you can find them on her website ( or under the “Move” tab.

This review is for Leg Goes Forward; Leg Goes Back, a 37 minute alignment session for the muscles that affect the extension and flexion of the hips. This class consists of various stretches for the lower body, all of which are performed the floor.

The class starts with a 5.5 minute stretch for the psoas muscles (in runner’s lunge). While you stretch (and stretch… and stretch some more), Katy talks about how the length of your muscles affects your metabolism, and how short muscles contribute to the slowing of your metabolism as you age. You then flip over onto your back, while Katy gives 2 minutes of alignment tips on how to achieve a neutral pelvis and how best to stretch the hamstrings. She then has you take a strap and stretch the hamstrings one at a time, first with a strap and then without. Katy discusses why this a good test for your range of motion, as well as the importance, from a health perspective, of being able to reach your feet. You then start over and do another round of psoas stretches, followed by another round of hamstring stretches.

The last 7 minutes are spent stretching the quads and the adductors. Katy tells you that tight quads lead to sore knees, first causing inflammation and then osteoarthritis. Katy continues to provide helpful alignment information, and the class ends with 30 seconds of relaxation while you lie your back.

Equipment used: a mat, a block (to put under your head), and a strap

What I Liked / Things to Consider

The primary purpose of the alignment snacks is to provide alignment information and then put it into practice through motion. They aren't workouts, per se. That said, I thought the alignment information was quite useful in this one, and the stretches felt great. You could use this one as a lower body stretch workout, as long as you don’t expect a lot of variety in the types of stretches that are performed.

Instructor Comments:
aty is relaxed in this class. Her positioning tips are nice and clear.