Reebok Hard Core Training

Gin Miller
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Bosu and Balance Disks/Boards

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This video is designed to be used with the Reebok Core Board. It is narrated by Gin Miller; she does not appear in the workout; you only hear her voice.

I have purchased over 200 videos and have rarely hated any of them until now. This video absolutely rubs me the wrong way, from the set which is trying to be artsy and futuristic with its darkness and shadows and weird camera work, to the participants who are a bunch of very young people trying to look tough, who look straight ahead with serious, nasty looks on their faces, with bare midriffs that are greased up and have light reflecting off of them, greasy, stringy hair and ugly, black outfits. Gin Miller is giving the instructions in the voice-overs, and the only reason I got through this tape and did the workout was because I really like and respect Gin Miller as an instructor. I was wishing that she was a participant to give this video a sense of reality. Sadly, that is not the case.

The workout consists of several segments, which do not flow well together. There is a lot of stepping side to side while Gin explains the next moves. The segments consist of a warm up off the board, some lunging and squatting movements, some plank and pushup movements, squat thrusts, surfing movements on the board, jumping and turning on top of the board, twisting and throwing on the board, a leaping move with a kick, some abdominal work lying on your back and lowering one leg at a time, and some triceps work and a cool-down. There are not a lot of reps of any of the movements. Gin gives 3 levels of each movement. Supposedly, different participants are doing the different levels, but because of the terrible camera angles and dark sets, and unappealing people, it is frustrating to watch the video. I think that there are some very good movements and exercises but I would rather do them on my own with some good music.

It is not necessary to have a Core Board in order to do some of the movements; a regular step would work. Gin Miller does appear at the end of the video, to explain the core board and give safety tips.

I give this video a C-.