ULTIMATUM Bronze Workout

Lindsi Webb Sanor
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This is the bronze review. the one below is for the wrong workout - sorry

Lindsi leads this 42 minute bodyweight & cardio workout in a gym set with four background exercisers. You won't need any equipment for this workout. You perform one circuit two times, the second time with some variety and finish with a last blast, cool down & stretch. The 30 second exercises in each circuit contains two exercises alternated and then a combo move.

After an active warmup, Exercises include jacks, triangle pushups, pike jacks, puhsups, half burpee variations, squat hops, side & curtsy lunges, tri pushups, 2 limb plank, pushup to tucks, plank leg up & over, burpee moving up & back, side plank elbow to knee, and plyo lunges. Last Blast: 20 seconds each scissors, squat kicks, Mt climbers, floor touch jacks, standing Mt climber, up & back squat jacks, and a final stretch.

I rate this a high intermediate routine. Not quite as challenging as the bulk of the workouts in the set, but more challenging than the Purple Workout. You could add weights to some of the exercises if you wanted to up the challenge but I felt like I got a great workout without them. Lindsi provideds short rest breaks to keep you going strong. This is a great combo of unique bodyweight exercises & heart pumping cardio. I received this DVD to review.

Instructor Comments:
the review below is for the wrong workout -sorry :(



Lindsi leads this 46 minute 50/50 cardio/ strength workout in a gym studio with four background exercisers. You will need dumbbells for this workout. You will perform 12 reps each of 2 cardio 2 strength, then in sets of 3's and then in sets of 4's. Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds each and she alternates cardio & strength.

After an active athletic warmup & stretch, exercises include: plyo lunge & scissors, jump forward & back, side lunge to curtsy, single arm wide row, wide burpees, squat side kicks, 1/2 burpees, squat diagonal reach & press, bi variations, cross jacks & tuck jumps, standing climbers, plank running, gorilla walk & push ups, squat clean & press and concludes with a last blast: X jumps & floor touch, plank knee twists, pike pushups, pulse & jump squats, fast military press, weighted plyo lunge & curl, and a final stretch.

This is an advanced cardio & strength workout that will leave you breathing heavy just like Lindsi and crew. The pace is moderate so you can use moderate poundage to up the strength & cardio effect of this workout. Lindsi provides some unique tweeks classic effective exercises. She provides rest breaks right when you need them! I received this DVD to review.