ULTIMATUM White Workout

Lindsi Webb Sanor
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Lindsi leads this 40 min strength focused workout with some heart pumping cardio segments with 5 backgrounders in a gym style set. You will need dumbbells for this workout.

You perform the cardio, strength, another cardio segment 2 times and then a last blast. Each strength exercise is performed once time and then 2 variations of that exercise. After a very active warmup you jump into even more heart pumping cardio and then on to strength. Exercises include burpee, scissors, fast feet floor touch, 1/2 burpees, side lunges, shoulder press, tri kickbacks, dip pulses, sumo squat with static curls, static sumo with bi curls, upper back fly, deadlift combo, plank jacks, Mt. climbers, side leaps & jump squat hops, plyo lunges. The last blast is 20 seconds per exercise: fast side lunge & punch, clean & press squat & jump, fast jacks, low skater floor touch, and pike pushups. The workout concludes with a stretch.

I rate this an advanced workout because of the cardio portions. The pace is fairly quick so I recommend moderate poundage. The cardio segments are nonstop & will torch a ton of calories. I really enjoy Lindsi's instruction style & personality. She provides some rest breaks and great pointers. I received this dvd to review.