Body Beast: Bulk Legs

Sagi Kalev
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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Part of the Body Beast set, the Bulk workouts are the second phase of the program after Build. Each Bulk workouts focuses on one body part. I did not think Sagi could do better than Build Legs, but Bulk Legs is as hard and more fun. Like Build Legs, some of the exercises are done quickly enough, or have shortened rest times, so there is a cardio component to this workout. Your heart will pound!

The format and set are the familiar ones: stripped-down gym setting, Sagi and two very muscular male backgrounders, unobtrusive music as background filler. There is a countdown clock that shows total workout time as well as the time left in whatever you're doing now: warmup, lifting or resting between sets. There is a readout with the name of the upcoming exercise and the rep count, and a countdown clock on the reps while you're lifting. This workout is 41 minutes long, with 4 minutes total of warmup and stretch and 37 minutes of weights work.

You will needs dumbbells for this workout, and an optional barbell (Sagi uses an EZ bar for just one exercise). One backgrounder is the designated equipment modifier who does the workout with just dumbbells.

The short warmup consists of running in place, some leg swings from the hip, alternating rear lunges, a few sumo squats and more running in place.

First exercise is a single set of front to back lunges: 12 reps at light weight, 10 reps at heavier weight and 8 reps at your heaviest weight. Sagi does the front-to-back move without tapping his foot down in between to increase difficulty and challenge your balance.

Next is a progressive set of squats: 15 reps at light weight, 12 at heavier, 8 at heaviest; pause; then reversing with 8 reps heaviest, 12 lighter, 15 lightest.

Following is the one force set in the workout: 5 sets, 5 reps each of sumo squats, with very short (under 10 seconds) rest between sets. You do not come all the way up to standing between squats, and if you keep your knees bent you'll really feel the burn by the end of the force set.

Next up: another progressive set, this time of split squats with the EZ bar. Rep pattern is 15, 12, 8, pause, 8, 12, 15. You do the first 15-12-8 on one leg, switch to the other and repeat; then do the 8-12-15 on the first leg before switching and finishing the set. Because you are holding the barbell between split legs, you can't come up to a full stand, so it's almost like doing a set of stationary pulse lunges. I found the barbell awkward and did the 8-12-15 reps with dumbbells.

The workout ends with two supersets, when you alternate sets between two exercises. The first superset is stiff-legged deadlift into alternating side-to-side squats, again in the 15-12-8 rep pattern. There is a drop set on the deadlift, so after your set of 8 you'll lower your weights and crank out one last set of 8. Sagi encourages you to stay low on the side-to-sides and not come to a full stand, to really work the inner thighs. The second superset is single-leg calf raise - 1 set per leg, 50 reps - and "Beast" abs, when you lie down with legs extended and spell out "B-E-A-S-T", then "T-S-A-E-B" with your legs. A very fast stretch for calves, quads and hip flexors and you're done!

This workout is challenging with the right weights and is for intermediate to advanced exercisers.

A warning if you're annoyed by backgrounders: there is a very annoying guy in this one, the guy on the left of the screen behind Sagi, think his name is Eric. He is very flexible and can get way down there on all his squats and deadlifts, but his form can be funky. He's always looking right ahead at the camera, even when he should let his gaze/chin/head drop for form's sake. Sagi corrects him a couple of times but he doesn't pay attention. He's also a yelper (little "yip yip" noises during sets - is his counting his reps?) and screamer (LOUD lion roars, like "aaaarrrrrrgggghhhh!", when he's done with his sets).

Instructor Comments:
Sagi is more subdued in this workout than others. He demonstrates excellent form and gives good form pointers, but spends more time than usual walking around, mostly encouraging Screaming Eric to get through his reps. Sagi screams "Let's go" and "all the way" types of comments a few times but I miss some of his funnier chatter and teasing of the backgrounders.