Hip Hop Abs Dance Party Hard Body

Shaun T.
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Abs/Core , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Upper Body Strength

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I am a 51 year old restarter. Last year, 2014, was a really bad year during which I was sick as a dog with bronchitis for 6 weeks around the first part of the year, I had knee replacement surgery at the beginning of July (a good thing given I could hardly walk by the time of the surgery), and my husband had heart valve surgery at the end of October and I was majorly involved with his recovery. As a result of all this health excitement, my fitness levels plummeted throughout the entire year and I wasn't even exercising by the last part of the year when all my energies were going to caring for my husband. Now, it's 2015, my husband is on the mend, and I'm ready to get back into the fitness groove!

At this point, I am trying to just do workouts I find fun in the general arenas of cardio and strength six days a week. I want to work out between 25-35 minutes each of these days, so shorter workouts that I can do most of to all in that timeframe are good. I was drawn to this workout because it was reported to be fun and it's short, around 30 minutes.

This workout is part of a series that is hyped as teaching you to dance while getting you fit. This workout is one that combines cardio, a few toning moves, and ab moves. The steps/moves are not difficult, although some beginners might find the pace of some of the moves on the fast side. And, you don't need a lot of room. As long as you can grapevine side to side and walk forward and back 4 steps, you will have the space. If you don't have the space, you can stay in place or make the movements small. You don't need any equipment or props other than some small weights which you can carry through the workout, if you want. They aren't necessary and you could skip them or you can use anything that is light weight that won't strain you during some fast moves. I use my Fitstix because I like making noise with them in a workout. (smile)

The music is hip hop lite. It must have been because I enjoyed it and I'm not into hip hop at all. I think that it moves the workout along really well. There are some high impact move and there is a modifier who was pretty easy to follow. Once in awhile, she wasn't on the screen when I looked for her, but she usually was.

This is a workout I enjoyed, but which I don't think I'll keep long term. I am just not a trendy person. And, I don't like enforced fun. Shaun T is back up by a group of relentlessly perky and enthusiastic young people and everybody is having just soooo much fun. It reminded me of the old Crunch workouts, another series of workouts that I enjoyed some of the workouts from, but ended up not keeping them because they just weren't for me. Shaun T is pretty perky and cheerful himself, but I find him fun and motivating. Just not enough to overcome his background crew.

I think that some people will really enjoy this workout and benefit from it. It's well done, just not for me.

Instructor Comments:
He is enthusiastic and motivating. He cues pretty well, although sometimes it's as he does it.

Laura S.


The Hip Hop Abs Dance Party DVD is the third Hip Hop Abs (HHA) set that I have purchased from instructor Shaun T. I really enjoy both the first HHA set and the subsequent Hip Hop Abs Level 2, so when I had the opportunity to get this DVD as well, I jumped on it. Dance Party has two longer routines, this one, Hard Body, and a second, Rockin' Abs, plus a 5-minute bonus, Ab Blaster. For each workout, Shaun T is teaching live in front of a large group of both male and female exercisers. Shaun mirror cues to the viewer throughout the workout. Finally, you have the option of using weighted gloves or light dumbbells for these routines.

This 3.5m warm-up starts with pump side-to-side, robo, and heels with push up/down. Picking up the weights, Shaun then moves into the Rock Your Body Combo (12m). There are several new moves here, including the Fly Drive, Turntable, Bounce Jog, and 'Lil Busy (variation on Get Busy) plus old favorites Freak, Roll Out, Rainbow, and another new one, The Meeting. The next series is the Bounce Your Body Combo (10:48m). Many of these moves are new as well, starting with the Jiggy Scoop, Poke it Out (a sort of punch combo), Rise Up, Wobble, and Rock It Out. The last combination is the Sculpt Your Body Combo (6:52m), and it includes the Afro Slide, Lunge Bounce, Sexy Abs, and Frat Punch. There is just a quick (1.5m) standing cool-down to conclude this workout.

I had a lot of fun doing this workout! I enjoyed it more than the other routine on this same DVD (Rockin' Body), but I also think it is one of my most favorite HHA workouts so far, especially given that it included a lot of new moves. I think that Shaun T. does a masterful job at offering cardio combinations that are a lot of fun while still being very simple and mostly low impact (there is some higher impact, but one of the exercisers, Tania, always modifies).

HHA Dance Party Hard Body is appropriate for those who enjoy dancey cardio, who don't mind an instructor who can be a bit goofy at times, and who put greater value on having an enjoyable workout than a "killer" one.

Instructor Comments:
I find Shaun's cuing excellent and easy-to-follow. Even though he teaches the Dance Party routines in a "take it from the top" (aka TIFTTing) style, which I usually hate, I still enjoy these workouts--I think it's because we are continuing to work out while learning the new moves rather than stopping and pausing like you tend to see with other TIFTTing-style workouts.

Beth C (aka toaster)