Bosu Reactive Strength and Power

Gay Gasper
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Bosu and Balance Disks/Boards

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I did this video for the first time today and had a blast! The workout is about 52 minutes total and consists of a warm-up, three separate workout sections and a cool down. The warmup is step-inspired and intended to acclimate you to the unstable surface of the BOSU. It's a lot of fun and really got my heartrate up because I'm used to doing step at a much lower height than the BOSU.

The first of the workout sections focuses on lower body and consists of a lot of squat/lunge variations. It ends with some tough glute/hamstring work by using the BOSU dome-side down.

The second section focuses on upper body. Since this was my first time through the workout I used MUCH lighter weights than I normally use. I used 3-lb weights for the rear deltoid work and 5-lbs for everything else. I might try slightly heavier weights next time. I really liked the work using the BOSU dome-side down as a bench. It was similar to using a stability ball, but the bottom of the BOSU supports the next & head much better than a stability ball does.

Gay refers to the third section as "power legs." It is really higher impact cardio with leaps, turn drills and quick lunge switches. I say "higher" impact, because the BOSU absorbs most of the impact for some moves that would be very high impact on a normal step.

The final stretch is done using the BOSU in a variety of ways, e.g., placing your foot against the back of the BOSU to stretch the calf and sitting on top of the dome for a straddle stretch.

All in all, this workout was great fun and I expect to be feeling it tomorrow as well.


Instructor Comments:
Gay is a fun and motivating instructor. It was nice to see Mindy Mylrea as one of her background exercisers too.



This is a good balance and strength workout. I had trouble in the upper body segment where you lay over the top of the bosu and lift up your upper and lower body while doing lateral raises using hand weights. It would be helpful if the viewer were instructed on how much weight to use. I know people use different weights depending upon their level of fitness, but I wish there had been some instruction as to whether to use heavy, medium or light weights because I probably could have done this particular exercise better if I had used lighter weights than I had used in the previous segment. (Now I know, though, and it won't be a problem in the future.) All in all, I enjoyed this tape and the time went by very quickly.

Instructor Comments:
Gay is obviously very fit and she is friendly without being overly chatty. I think she got off in her cues in a few spots because there were some voice overs, but this does not detract from the quality of the tape.