XTFMAX Definitions

Stephanie Oram
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Stephanie leads this 42 min total body strength workout with 3 backgrounders, all showing various modifications. You will need dumbbells or exercise tubing for this workout.

You go through the routine 3 times using heavy, then medium, then light weights. After a warm up, exercises include outer & inner bi curls, French press, front & side raises, chest press, fly- lat row-upper back fly,calf raises, deadlift, sumo squat - dip, and a cool down.

I rate this a solid intermediate routine following Stephanie but there are modification options and you can always adjust your poundage. Very well rounded & hits every muscle except the core. Each exercise is performed for a minute or so & the workout is interval style. I received this DVD to review.