Bosu Equilibrium

Jay Blahnik
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Bosu and Balance Disks/Boards

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Bosu Equilibrium

This workout is taught by Jay Blahnik. Backup exercisers are Gay Gasper and Candice Copeland Brooks. At points throughout the workout, all three show different modifications at various times, and Jay is great about mentioning who is doing what, when and why. Here is a breakdown of the workout.

Warm up and acclimation: We get comfortable with standing on the dome surface of the Bosu and there is a 'sun salutation' type sequence of side squat and chair.

Segment 1- lunge poses, down dog and plank poses on the dome side of the Bosu. Relaxing and very enjoyable. Easier.

Segment 2 - Using the platform side of the bosu a sequence of flowing moves/poses is taught and performed. Starting out with a plank position into a pushup, into down dog, then lunging the right leg way forward, and back into place, then the same thing on the left, then stepping forward. We repeat the sequence many times and each time there are options for more difficult modifications (the step forward becomes a jump forward, for example). Some balance challenges thrown in to the mix such as tilting the bosu up and down and from side to side while in down dog (these little balance challenges really wake me up). After this there is a
sequence where we sit cross legged on top of the platform-side and do different balance/stretch challenges. More challenging than section 1.

Segment 3 - Lying (both face up and face down exercises) and seated balance and strength moves on the bosu with the dome side up. I really enjoyed this section, and found it chalenging but not challenging in the same way as segment 2. There are pilates/yoga poses (boat) and others which here are very stretch - and - balance challenge - oriented as opposed to strength - and - balance oriented as in section 2. I wish I could share more details, but this section I have only completed one time through and I don't recall a lot of the details at the moment.

Then there is a cool down stretch which I do not recall at this time either - perhaps I was too relaxed to remember. :) I remember that I liked it, though! In fact, I LOVE this whole workout. I have only
done it twice so far (third section and cool down only once) but it is already a favorite. I'll do it again
sometime this week - it is so FUN yet so relaxing, but then it's also challenging...Easy to break into sections, too, because it consists of three separate sections as is. Great if you have DVD.

Instructor Comments:
Jay is an instructor I have never tried before. He is down to earth, unpretentious, and imperfect (in the best way!). What I mean by 'imperfect' is he constantly reminds the viewer that it is natural to wobble, different people are better at different balance exercises. Sometimes he has Gay or Candice demonstrate the most difficult modification and he tells us that he is unable to do that version, which is so valuable to the viewing participant.

Kathy Weller