TXT Tafiq Extreme Tabata

Tafiq Akhir
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Abs/Core , Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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TXT stands for Tafiq Extreme Tabata, a workout system designed and led by Tafiq Akhir. I came across this system in a previous VF thread as I'm back at work (I work for a school district) and I'm always on the hunt for short workouts to do on my busy workdays.

In this system there are 3 different discs (Supersets, Deuces, and 4x4) plus a bonus Hardcore Ab Blast workout. On each of the 3 primary discs there are 3 different workouts. So you get 10 workouts with this set. Each workout clocks in right around 30 minutes including warm up and cooldown. The warm up and cooldown are separate chapters from the main menu and do not automatically play when you start the main workout. In addition to the DVDs you get a workout calendar and a small nutrition guidebook. I paid $87 plus shipping at Amazon.

Here's my mini review of Supersets workout 1 and 2.

There is an option to preview the moves and see the modifications for each of the workouts on the DVD. If you need modifications don't skip previewing the workout! The preview for Supersets workout 1 and 2 was about 4 minutes and Tafiq demonstrated each move in slo-mo, then up to tempo, and a modification was shown in an inset window when applicable. So while modifications aren't shown in the actual workout, you will know what modification to do if you watch this preview. I would suggest watching the preview for the workout, then do the warm up, then do the workout, then finish with the cooldown. BTW, the warm up and cooldown are for all 3 workouts on that particular disc.

As the name would suggest, these workouts are based on the Tabata protocol of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. The main workout consists of 4 different 4 minute rounds with a minute rest between rounds. In Supersets, a round consists of two exercises alternated of 8 Tabata cycles. In Deuces, a round is one exercise done for 4 cycles and a second exercise for 4 cycles. In 4x4, a round is 4 exercises repeated twice through.

In Supersets 1 the rounds were as follows:

Round 1: spider push ups and squat jumps with heel touches
Round 2: renegade rows and burpees
Round 3: front presses and 'on your mark' lunges
Round 4: push up to down dog and 'run for your life' sprints

In Supersets 2, the rounds were as follows:

Round 1: sit outs & lunge jumps
Round 2: reverse flies w/ reverse lunge & mountain climbers
Round 3: triceps dips & lateral squat jumps w/ rotation
Round 4: power jabs & star jacks

One thing I liked is that in the minute between rounds a chart would come up on the screen showing what the exercises in the previous round worked. It made me feel like I was getting a lot accomplished!

The warm up on the Supersets disc consists of jacks, touch the floor and reach the ceiling, low lunge, forward fold heel lifts, punches, cross punches, arm circles and shoulder rolls. I might have missed a move or two and you get the idea. The warm up is about 4 minutes long.

The cooldown consists of various stretches hitting all the major muscles. None of the stretches are held very long. The cooldown is also about 4 minutes long.

The setting is Tafiq alone in a non-descript room with a mat and a set of dumbbells. He is wearing an athletic tank top/muscle t-shirt and longer shorts. He does the workout along with you and the coaching/talking is done via voice over. I have to say that the voice over matches the workout really well and wasn't distracting in the least. Tafiq looks pretty serious during all the workouts so don't expect a lot of warm fuzzies. He does show impeccable form and the voice over offers form pointers and is motivational without being cheesy. Because I was working so hard I didn't even notice the voice over during the workout. It was more evident in the warm up and cooldown. The music during the workout was instrumental and has more bass during the 20 seconds work, and eases off in the 10 seconds rest, trying to match the intensity of the music to the intensity of the segments.

I liked the workout a lot and would consider the workout as demonstrated by Tafiq to be advanced. On a lot of moves I simply could not move as fast as him. I think this workout could be made intermediate by doing the modifications demoed in the preview, slowing down the speed of the moves, using lighter weights, etc. The workouts can be made shorter by simply doing fewer rounds.

If you're time crunched and looking for shorter workouts that really get a lot done in a short amount of time, these definitely fit the bill. There are clips of his workouts on YouTube if you want to get a glimpse.

Overall, a thumbs up from me!

Instructor Comments:
It's hard to get a sense of Tafiq's personality as all his talking/cueing/encouragement is done as voiceover in the workouts. He looks serious and focused during the workouts. I didn't mind the voiceover and found his voice calm and soothing and his encouragement to be focused on keeping form and doing your personal best.

Sabine Reuter