PiYo Core

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Abs/Core

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I don't usually do Beachbody workouts, but I got this set at a used book sale CHEAP, so I decided to try it. Core is 31:20 minutes long (note that times given online for ALL the PIYO workouts are incorrect). Like all the PIYO routines, it is broken up into segments, with an on-screen countdown clock announcing each new section. I have provided sections and times below. Chalene and her three background exercisers wear shoes for this workout.

Warm-Up, 4m.
Standing Core, 4.5m. (I enjoyed this the most.)
Prone Exercises, 6.5m (pretty standard; some crunches, some Pilates-type moves)
Supine & Side Plank, 8.5m
Plyo Pedal & POinter, 4m (from a seated position)
Cool-Down, 3m

This was actually one of my favorites in the PIYO set, in part because I really like standing core work, and you don't see a lot of it. This is the only routine in the whole PIYO set where you'll really see any Pilates, and there's not much of it here.

Instructor Comments:
I can take Chalene only in small doses. I don't like how she tells viewers how we're supposed to feel (eg, "you're going to LOVE this!") and how she is a bit cutesy with her three background exercises here ("are we still friends?").

Beth C (aka toaster)


I hate core work. Absolutely hate it. Bores me to tears and always hurts my neck. That said, I really enjoy this workout! It's a great mix of floor and standing ab work with creative exercises and very little crunches. One of the best in the Piyo set for me. Some of the Piyos seem a bit repetitive and easy but not this one. It's right where I need it to be, a solid intermediate.