Metamorphosis Abcentric Day 21-30

Tracy Anderson
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Total Body Workouts

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This level of Metamorphosis (Level 3 of the original 90-day program) is the same for both Abcentric and Glutecentric. I am a Tracy Anderson follower—I have Omni, Ab and Glute.

I've had good results doing the "muscular structure" work 5/6 days per week—I try to do cardio 2-4 days per week as well. I try to do 1-2 high-intensity cardio days during a week (for example, HIIT from Chris Freytag, or Tracy's first Cardio Dance DVD) and walking or moderate/light cardio on the other days (for example, Brazil Butt Lift Cardio Axe or Kathy Smith Project You).

For Meta, I do the Arms/Abs section with Tracy, but write out the leg exercises so that I can eventually do them without the DVD, using ankle weights (it's hard to do them at Tracy's pace with ankle weights). Here's my writeup for this level, which was intermediate (not one of the killer levels).

Get in all fours position:
1_Lunge right foot forward so that foot is by right hand, then lift leg back in a turned out position (knee turned out) on a diagonal to the ceiling (~45°).
40 / 39 Reps

2_Place left arm on thigh/hip in prep for a 2-part move.
Right knee crunches front—tap right knee with left hand.
Then, right knee swings out to side in fire hydrant move.
At top of fire hydrant, leg extends straight out to a side kick before folding back into the crunch position.
32 / 28 Reps

3_Straighten both arms.
Right leg extends out to side (3 o’clock), and right foot taps up and down on floor.
43/41 Reps

4_Place left forearm on floor for a 2-part move.
Crunch right knee into front, then extend leg to point foot at ~2 o’clock.
Make a wide swing back, with foot turned out, to a high back diagonal.
Repeat knee crunch to front and swing/kick straight back.
Repeat sequence. [Note: I love this exercise! It feels great to have such a large range of motion].
26/30 Reps

5_Stay in the last position from previous move, with left forearm on floor, and leg extended to side at ~2 o’clock.
Pluse/tap foot up and down.
38 Reps (same on both sides)
Note: Seems a bit odd that this move is so similar to #3—but it’s good to have focus on the inner and outer thighs, sometimes I think Tracy neglects the inner thigh area.

Get in LEFT side plank position
6_Crunch both knees in front of you, with feet and ankles parallel.
Extend left leg onto floor and lift right leg to the ceiling.
Repeat crunch/extension.
37/35 Reps

Instructor Comments:
Tracy is her usual Meta self — I like that she smiles in the 90-day program. Unfortunately, this level(and other Meta levels) has uneven reps on the left and right side.