Love Your Lower Body: Inches Off Belly, Butt, Hips, and Thighs

Sadie Lincoln
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Ballet/Barre

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This is the original 2-DVD set from the Love Your Lower Body (LYLB) series released by Rodale. The instructor of this series is Sadie Lincoln, creator of Barre3, a barre-themed exercise system which combines isometric movements with dynamic holds. Equipment for the LYLB workouts is minimal: you will need a mat, a high backed chair to use a ballet "barre," optional light dumbbells, a small "squishy" ball, and a mat for floorwork. Sadie instructs the workouts live with two background exercisers, Katie, who offers modifications, and Krista.

I have described the workouts on each of the two DVDs below. Both DVDs include a "Music Off" option (for the shorter workouts, the music does sometimes get overly repetitive). The first DVD also includes a short introduction ("The Basics") which provides an overview of the LYLB method.


Total Transformation Workout (45m)

This DVD offers chapters as follows: Play All - Warm-up & Leg Work - Combo Work - Standing Stretch - Mat Work - Final Stretch

The warm-up begins in horse pose and moves into plié dips. Next is starfish, a balance posture reaching one leg. This is followed by carousel horse, narrow athletic V, sumo squat, and power leg, performing tiny pulses in each position. The series is then repeated, adding light dumbbells to the pliés, incline carousel horse, narrow athletic V, sumo squats with windshield wiper arms, and power leg. A short stretch sequence follows with crescent lunge, standing forward bend, standing Figure 4, and heel-to-butt (quad stretch). At 27 minutes, the routine moves to the floor with the ball, placing the feet on the ball (option between ankles) for bridge lifts. This is followed by both upright and inclined core work using the ball. The workout ends with a 3-minute seated stretch, including a seated twist, side stretch, and modified camel.


Each of the three workouts below is listed separately on the main menu.

Time Saver Shape Up (10m)
This routine starts with a sumo squat holding the ball. Next is the narrow athletic V, performing tiny dips with the ball between the thighs, and then keeping the ball in this position for ski jumps. The ball then goes behind the knee for standing bent knee lifts to the side. The routine finishes with a horse pose plié, holding the ball once more between the hands.

Stretch & Sculpt (7.5m)
This workout begins on the floor for bridge lifts with the ball between the thighs. Next comes incline core work, first slightly lifting the pelvis, then with the legs in a turned out position, bending the legs with flexed feet and straightening to pointed feet. The workout concludes with a seated side stretch using the ball.

YLB Boost (6m)
This routine, which is supposed to be “low-impact cardio,” contains just three moves: 1) plié squats, 2) side-to-side lunges, and 3) sumo squats. In the second round, each move is made a bit more intense: the pliés come up onto the toes, and both the lunges and the squats are performed more deeply.

Overall, I really enjoyed these workouts. The Total Transformation is similar to Sadie's prior releases (e.g., Barre3 Total Body Lift Workout, Element Barre Conditioning), although I think she refined her method. Furthermore, I think I will get even more use out of the shorter routines, which were surprisingly intense and will make great add-ons.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Sadie! She is super down-to-earth, always coming across as extremely friendly and relaxed. She offers flawless mirror cuing with plenty of form pointers, and I love that she is constantly suggesting modifications as well.

Beth C (aka toaster)