Horizontal Conditioning Getting Started

Sandra Koulourides
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core , Total Body Workouts

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This DVD has three 10-minute, no-equipment workouts that emphasize the core but work total body. Sandra instructs in a school-gym-type setting with one backgrounder showing modifications for each exercise. There are several exercises per segment, starting with pushups or a pushup variation, then various planks, abs/core work (but very little standard crunch work if you're crunch-averse), plus one standing exercise for legs, either a squat variation or lunges. Reps average about 30 per exercise, often a set of 8 reps followed by 4-8 reps with tempo variations, pulses or holds; repeat at least twice.

There is NO MUSIC, just Sandra's instruction, which makes the workouts a little dry. Her counting is not consistent or on tempo either (ie. a two-counts-down, two-counts-up pushup doesn't seem to take the same amount of time from rep to rep). Form pointers are good.

Sandra ends each segment saying you should do it two or three more times for a full workout, but I'd recommend doing consecutive segments for variety.

This is a good workout to take along if you're traveling, since it needs limited space (only enough to lie down and to do a lunge or side-to-side squat). It's also easy to make this a paper workout and add your own music, since the exercises are simple.

Overall I'd rate this workout as a basic, slightly boring but effective introduction to bodyweight exercises with a core focus. Workout level is probably intermediate (those danged side planks!) but beginners can modify and advanced exercisers might do this as a quick add-on or on an easier day.

Instructor Comments:
Sandra is a very low-key personality. No chatter, certainly no nonsense about "buns" or "tummy", but good form pointers. Her timing/tempo is off when she's counting and there's no music to help her out. I find her a little dull, like the workouts.