BarreAmped Bootcamp

Suzanne Bowen
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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This dvd contains 4 separate workouts, a warmup, a complete 10 min stretch routine, and a tutorial. You can play all or select a workout from the menu. You will need light dumbbells and a chair (or barre). Suzanne works out in a lovely brick set w/ 2 backgrounders, one offering modifications.

Boot Camp Arm Work (11 min): Exercises include bi curl variations, chest press, shoulder press, wipers, military press, 2nd position reach & lat pulldown, bent over T-raise, upper back row & tri extension, and tri kickbacks. Suzanne utilizes light weights & higher reps.

Boot Camp Thigh Work (15 min): Exercises include plie & releve series, cardio plie leg lifts, lunge pulses, lunge kicks, lunge & twist, and releve chair series. Tough and nice cardio intensifiers.

Boot Camp Seat Work (14 min): Exercises include bbalance stick glute work, cardio dip & glute raise, balance glute raise, standing front & rear leg raises, and curtsy knee pull to extension at a cardio pace. Lots of great balance& bun work!

Boot Camp Core Work (18 min): Exercises include standing side bends, plie & reach, plank knee drops, Mt climbers, plank shifts, cross knee pull climbers, side plank hip drops, down to up dog, bicycle, and single leg bridge leg raises.

As a whole, I rate this a high intermediate routine. The pace is perfect and does not waste any time. Suzanne offers awesome cuing & excellent form pointers. I really enjoyed this workout (and Im not a barre person) and found it to contain a lot of unique & effective exercises. I love that each segment includes cardio intensifiers to get the heart rate up. I received this dvd to review.