Metamorphosis Glutecentric Day 11-20

Tracy Anderson
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Pilates/Core Strength

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I am a high-intermediate/low-advanced exerciser in my mid-forties—I completed Meta Omni and enjoyed it, so I decided to purchase Glutecentric at Bed Bath & Beyond when it was on clearance (only $29.99 plus 20% off coupon!).

The arms/abs are the same for all the centrics; only the all-fours section is different. This level (Level 2) isn't all that challenging after completing the entire 90-day Omni series, but I wanted to focus on my butt, and I think the moves are effective (even my husband commented that it was "working.")

I watch the DVD in advance and write out the leg moves, so that I can keep up with Tracy, and so I can do the moves on my own without the DVD. I do the first five days with the DVD, then I do the last five days on my own, with ankle weights (3 days with 1.5 lb weights on each leg, 2 days with 2.5 lb weights).
Here is the breakdown:

Glutecentric Day 11-20
All exercises done for 40 reps.
Get in all fours position.

1_Right leg lifts into Fire Hydrant (up+down); then lifts straight back at a diagonal to the ceiling (45°).

2_Bend left arm, placing left elbow on mat.
Right knee taps floor in an inverted position, then pulses twice in a high diagonal to the ceiling (45°).

3_Straighten both arms.
Right knee taps floor in an inverted position, then turns out (knee faces out to side) in an attitude leg lift.

4_Drop both forearms to mat.
Right left pulses in short attitude leg lifts.

5_Stay in elbow plank.
Swing right leg straight out to side at hip height, then up to ceiling at 45°.

Get in LEFT side plank position.
6_Crunch both legs back behind you, with ankles crossed.
Right knee should be as high as your hip.
Freestyle with right arm.

Repeat on left side.

Instructor Comments:
Tracy is in her usual "Meta" mode—she smiles sometimes, but mostly just does the moves seriously. I think some of the counts are off (not exactly 40 on both sides) but it seems clear that there are supposed to be 40 reps for each exercise. It is annoying that there are no verbal cues on the second side, but I'm used to this by now (I play the DVD in my laptop, and have it mirrored/connected to the TV, so I can see the video on the laptop on the ground without having the crane my head/neck around).