Ali Kamenova's Free Interval Yoga Youtube Channel

Ali Kamenova
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Yoga, Streaming Workouts/On Demand

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Ali Kamenova has a youtube channel where she publishes free yoga workouts. She describes it herself quite aptly - "I teach strong, butt kicking, creative yoga". It' is style of yoga I have not see hitherto. Most teachers who do "high intensity" fusion with yoga tend to have limited yoga training and it shows in their form and their cues. Ali is well trained in yoga - great form, good cueing. Her classes are vinyasa style and while her flows are creative, they are as purist as can be. The big difference in her class is that after every few minutes of yoga, she will beak into high intensity intervals where you can expect a challenging burst that may or may not be yoga inspired. The high intensity bursts are always simple. You either hold a challenging pose or more commonly do several reps of a challenging or explosive move - anything from plyo pliť to a side skater.

I am not sure how often she puts out new workouts, except to say, "often enough".

She makes workouts of various levels and durations from 15 minutes to about an hour. Expect to be challenged on strength and endurance in all except beginner classes, while the yoga will be reasonably accessible except for classes marked as advanced.

The quality of classes is as good or better than the better yoga on DVD, though the production values can be simple. Sometimes there could be no background music, sometimes she uses groovy music. Maybe her later classes have better funding for stuff like music. The camera work is competent but simple. She films in her backyard or on the beach in the classes I have done. Always pretty and neat locations. She is beautiful and dresses in cute yoga gear.

Instructor Comments:
Eastern European accent with very clear articulation. She is serious. Not grim, just no banter. Yet her classes are fun.