Yoga Groove

Misty Tripoli
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Yoga

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Yoga Groove is part of Misty Tripoli's Body Groove. It's a 39 minute practice that is taught add-on style with a move introduced and then added on to the previous moves. Four people work out with Misty, one is a male, one is a modifier for those new to yoga. The moves include: overhead reaches both seated and standing, down-dog, 3 point dog, cobra, cat-cow, plank, front lunge, bow, chair, forward bend both standing and seated, and she ends in relaxation pose. There are some pulsing moves in wide leg squat, chair, and front lunge. Since this is a groove there is a lot of hip swaying and spinal movement in every direction. There is drum music throughout the practice that compliments the groove, the beat is moderate. This is a feel good practice that will loosen you up and I think would be appropriate to start or end the day.

Instructor Comments:
Misty is very positive and encourages everyone to go at their own pace while holding an inner smile. She gives direction but is not overly chatty.