Biggest Winner: Maximize Back in Action

Jillian Michaels
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Step Aerobics

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This workout moves fast. I've written out the breakdown. This is more of a metabolic than strength workout since it moves at lightening speed. That also makes it seem like it's over super fast. This isn't one I do a lot but I enjoy it when I pull it out. I'd rate it intermediate to high intermediate more because of the speed than the moves and the lack of down time. The high impact is mixed in with the low impact moves making it doable. There is a modifier who doesn't use weights and shows lower impact moves. The warm up and stretch are a nice length. No cool down prior to the stretch.

Warm up
30 jogging in place
30 high knees
30 side to side jumps
30 jumping jacks

10 morning glories
10 alt jump lunges
10 plank twists
10ea 1 leg rows
20 curtsy lunges off step
fast feet
10 double crunches
20 side lunges with bicep curls
10ea leg lifts in plank
10 burpess

10 crunches with weights
10 hip thrusts with 1 leg up
10ea donkey kicks
30 mountain climbers
20alt front lunges and curls onto step
10 lat rows
10side plank raises


Instructor Comments:
Jillian jokes around with her half male and half female crew and seems to laugh a lot compared to some of her newer workouts. She has more visible muscles here than in her later workouts which I always find motivating.