Toby Massenburg
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Step Aerobics

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Ignite is a 30 minute mostly high impact workout. It has a 30/30 format — 30 seconds of work, and 30 seconds of rest. It is advanced, and I would rate it in between Cathe’s Hiit 40/20 (which I think is harder) and 30/30 (which is easier) in terms of intensity.

For some, the warm up may feel too fast, and so it may need a few minutes of prior warm-up.

Break Down of Workout:
Warm up (4 risers)
(includes jog, high jog, jumping jacks, high step-ups)
1. Jump squat
2. Wide lateral tap down (4 risers)
3. Touchdown lunge/front kick
4. Touchdown lunge/front kick other side
5. Wide forward and backward leap (behind the step to the front and back)
6. Uneven squat (4 risers)
7. Side line (side to side) touch down
8. Burpee (topper)
9. Fast feet shuffle (4 risers)
10. Plie jack jumps (aka the "Oh My Gods")
11. Double leg lateral jump (I jump over the step topper but Toby does this on the floor)
12. Plunge lunge (4 risers)
13. High wide run (straddle the step)
14. Side shuffle squat
15. 1-2-3 straddle jump (2 risers)
16. Around the world shuffle tap (4)
17. Power knee drive (same as Cathe’s running man) (4 risers)
18. Power knee drive other side (4 risers)
19. 180 jump squat
20. Switch jump lunge
21. Frogger leaps
Cool down

Instructor Comments:
Toby is enthusiastic and encouraging, and he makes this a lot of fun.