Ballet Beautiful: Sculpt & Burn Body Blast

Mary Helen Bowers
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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This video is broken down into two segments; a standing ballet workout that utilizes light hand weights, and a mat-based workout more akin to her 60-minute classic workout. The cover calls this DVD a "Cardio Blast" but to me this is kind of misleading, as it is really all toning work.

Standing: I wanted this segment to be better than it was. I like the first part, which is mostly leg work, but was a lot less into the arms/weight segment. Her other arm workouts are far and away better than this one, and require no additional equipment. This is probably the BB segment I do the least on all the videos I own.

Mat-Based: This segment is as good as all of MHB's other mat-based workouts and works the body in a balanced way that somehow manages to be relaxed and intense at the same time. It is a condensed version of the Total Body Workout (pink cover- also sometimes called the 60-Minute Classic Workout). Great for when you are short on time!

Instructor Comments:
I like her- she isn't to cheery/annoying.