Ballet Beautiful: Body Blast

Mary Helen Bowers
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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This is a great toning DVD broken down into four 15-minute segments; Swan Arms, 15-Minute Ballet Beautiful Body Blast, Butt Series I, and Butt Series II. I enjoy all of the segments, but would enjoy the DVD itself more if the two butt segments were not together. Although I occasionally use the segments individually to create a shorter workout, I prefer to do a one hour workout straight through, and the two glute segments right on top of one another are a bit much.

Swan Arms: My favorite BB segment EVER. If I only have time for one thing, it is this. It has changed my arms completely and is super challenging without any weights. I travel a lot and it is great because you don't need any extra equipment to do it. LOVE!

15-Minute Ballet Beautiful Body: a condensed version of the 60-Minute Classic Workout. Very effective for how short it is.

Butt Segments: Exercises mostly performed on all fours, which can be painful on your knees after awhile. Again, very effective, but I wish the two segments weren't right next to each other.

Instructor Comments:
I am a big Mary Helen Bowers fan. I find her to be pleasant and easygoing without that big fake smile, overenthusiastic "you can do it!" crap that so many instructors do. She is calm and informative. I find her workouts very easy to follow.