Dream Body Cardio Series: Bikini Bootcamp

Amy Person
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Title: Dream Body Cardio Series: Bikini Bootcamp
Instructor: Amy Person
Time: 55 Minutes
Level of Difficulty: Advanced
DVD menu: Play workout, music on or off
Production quality: high
Equipment used: light resistance band, light weights (2# each)

This workout is part of the second Dream Body DVD set, the Cardio series. Amy is back from the original Bikini Bootcamp to lead the updated Bikini Bootcamp. The workouts are rather similar, they both focus on upper body and abs (but with plenty of leg movements to up the cardio factor). I think the Cardio BB is a little harder than the original, due to the inclusion of the band work. The first 20 minutes are spent using the band, first with the band behind the back and stretched to each hand (a little awkward but certainly felt the arm muscles burn) and uses hook punches and lots of kicks and squats to burn out the arms and get in a cardio workout at once. The band is maneuvered around to work triceps, chest, back, shoulders, and biceps (indirectly) and the leg movements include repeater knees, twisting jumping, small easy to follow combinations (hook/hook/knee in/side kick), and a burpee/knee in during plank/stand up and kick leg combo, followed by pushups with knee in (spider push ups). The exercises are performed on one side, then repeat the entire circuit on the other side, but use upper cuts instead of hooks, and Amy also makes some other small variations.

The second 20 minutes uses the light weights, for more upper body plus cardio work. I think this circuit is more cardio intense and the first circuit more toning intense, because it is easier to jump and maneuver with the 2# weights than with the band. Lots of exercises involved jumping (traveling high knees, jacks, some plyo jumps) although one of the background exercisers always showed a low impact modification. Like the first circuit, everything is performed once through then repeated on the second side. You definitely feel you got a cardio workout by the end. [Although the cardio is nowhere near as tough as MILF]

The last 15 minutes is spent on abs. There are 3-4 exercises performed then repeated. These are pilates-style and really target and fatigue the lower abs because the work is all performed with legs extended (double leg press, raise/lower one leg with other leg balanced in the air, etc). The stretch is brief and I tend to stretch longer than they do (in all DB workouts).

I enjoy all DB workouts but the two BB workouts are probably my least favorite – they are fun and tough but don’t have quite the signature “fusion” feel of the other DB workouts. On the other hand sometimes it is nice to focus on arms/abs because many of the workouts are very intense for the legs. Compared to MILF and Batabarre and the others it seems slightly less intense, but I would still rate it as advanced.

Instructor Comments:
Amy talks very fast and seems to yell more than the other instructors, but I think it is just her voice. She seems very hurried, but also very excited. Like the other instructors she reminds you to push yourself but to take a break or follow the modifier if needed.

Emily B.