Dream Body Cardio Series: Fusion 50

Brooke Degnan
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Gliding Disks, Total Body Workouts

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Title: Dream Body Workout Series: Fusion 50
Instructor: Brooke Degnan
Time: 50 Minutes
Level of Difficulty: Advanced
DVD menu: Play workout
Production quality: high
Equipment used: light weights (2# each), gliders, small playground ball, light resistance band

This workout is part of the second (Cardio) Dream Body DVD set, and led by Brooke, who is back from the original DVD series Fusion DVD. The workout definitely follows the more fusion style (more in line with Fusion and Fusion Mix) but still has an intense cardio factor. This workout has a less distinct emphasis than some of the other DB DVDs, it works the total body with a strong leg emphasis to get your heart rate up in the cardio, but also lots of arms, and abs at the end. The first 30 minutes is cardio and ends with 20 minutes of toning, which could easily be split up into two shorter/express workouts.

The 30 minute cardio is broken into three circuits (each repeated once), the first two longer circuits focus on the legs and more plyometric work, while the shorter third circuit focuses on arms. All of the exercises use the light 2# weights. First circuit includes two repeater knees/two attitudes back with jump, lunge back then hop up with kick, one leg swings back then opposite leg swings forward with two pulses (balance challenge!), one arm burpees, fast feet with arm punches, hop into hop on one leg, plank pikes with one leg on glider (the only gliding exercise in the workout). Repeat on other leg. Second circuit has some of the same moves as the first circuit but oriented to the side instead of front and back, engaging the outer thigh more. Repeater knees/two leg lifts to the side with torso twisting, lunge to the side then hop up with kick to side, one leg swing to side then opposite leg swings to other side with leg circles, 180 degree squat jump with torso twists, plank moguls, jump into plie plyo touch the floor with torso twist. Repeat on other leg. The third (arm) circuit is much shorter, three exercises – big arm circles in a chair squat, run in place with fast punches overhead, downward dog pushup into donkey kick. Repeat.

Then drop the weights and pick up the band and small playground ball for some unique toning work. Start balanced on one leg with ball tucked behind other knee, then do some tricep pushbacks, then down to floor (ball still tucked behind knee) for tricep pushups, then into elbow plank for leg pulses back (the leg with the ball is pulsing), ball squeezes, leg pulses to the side, ball squeezes, then into pretzel with ball still behind knee, and light hand weights used, for the pretzel exercise. Repeat on other leg. Then, on to the ab work. Ball between ankles for side oblique lifts (bent or straight legs), tricep press then pull through torso between hands (I have to elevate myself on pushup stands for this to get my torso through) to work triceps and low abs, repeat on other side. Finally, ab work: leg raises with ball between ankle, then take ball and place it below lower back for some leg scissors and an isometric hold. Stretch.

This workout seems minutely easier than the others in the cardio DVD set but I think that’s only because it is 50 rather than 60 minutes! It requires a lot of muscle endurance, cardio endurance, and balance. The impact seems higher in this one but you can always follow the modifier, who keeps it non impact. A must-have for any DB fans and definitely advanced. I highly recommend it for advanced exercisers who enjoy fusion style workouts!

Instructor Comments:
I really like Brooke, she is cheerful but really drives you to keep going and push through the set. I think she counts down (generally in seconds) more than the other instructors, which I find motivating.

Emily B.