One Week Shred

Jillian Michaels
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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Jillian is more subdued in this workout than her earlier ones. There is no cursing 'since the little ones might be in the room'. It's her typical bodyweight/low weight strength work therefore lots of shoulders and core although she does work back. I found no dread with this workout even though some of the moves were difficult for me. I like that there are 2 rounds of the circuits, works well to adjust weights. The cardio works well for a day you want to get it done quickly without having to think too much. I like the total body strength and cardio workouts separate which is new for Jillian.

Instructor Comments:
Jillian motivates without screaming. There is some sarcasm but it's mild and not a lot by Jillian's standards.



Here is a breakdown of the workout. All circuits are completed once and repeated before moving on to the next circuit.

Strength AM
Warm up – jump switches, toe tap stretches, arm circles, side lunges, plié hops, cat/cow stretch
Circuit 1
Stiff leg deadlift w/row and bicep curl
Static squat w/wide row
Side to side push up
Bear into down dog, pike push up
Crab kick w/tricep dips
Circuit 2
Figure 4 squat w/serving bicep
Crescent pose w/tricep kickbacks
Warrior 3 w/delt raises
Pendulum lunge w/halo and woodchop
One leg squat w/kick back
Circuit 3
Crunch w/oblique leg raise and chest press
Reverse plank into table
Breast stroke in prone position
Push up into “surf board squat”
Sumo squat with calf raises and tricep french press
Circuit 4
Plank with knee in variations
Hollow man into Russian twist
One handed plank – punch forward – side plank – punch upward
Forearm plank and jump knees into elbows
“Cauldron” crunches
Cool down - hamstring stretch on floor, butterfly stretch, quad stretch, arms swings into standing shoulder, tricep, oblique and chest stretches

Cardio PM
No warm up, goes straight into cardio circuit
Circuit 1
Jacks w/arms
Jump rope
Butt kicks
High knees
Skaters w/balance
Jab cross punches
Plank w/legs in and out
Speed bag
Circuit 2
Tuck jumps
Thrusting front kicks right
Thrusting front kicks left
Bear w/kick outs right
Bear w/kick outs left
Ski moguls
Soccer taps
Circuit 3
Jump jack squats
Plank w/jacking the legs
Alternating circle runs
Alternating one arm burpees
Fast feet
Jump forward and run back to starting position
Knee thrusters w/twist right
Knee thrusters w/twist left
Dynamic stretch/cool down – leg swings and hold knee in, legs swings and hold quad stretch, arms swings into standing shoulder, tricep, oblique and chest stretches

CONS – The strength workout was a little lacking in strength. I was expecting more weighted moves. It was more core focused to me. No warm up for the cardio routine if you’re jumping straight into it. I did it right after the strength workout, so it worked out fine for me.

PROS – I like the 30 minute split, but I love that I can do the whole thing in an hour! I didn’t think I’d like the set from the clips, but I did! It’s nothing groundbreaking from Jillian, but I got a good sweat on for only 30 minutes.

There are modifiers for low impact/beginners and more advanced levels. I like some of the fresh moves – sometimes I hate it when instructors get too creative on me and I never know if I’m doing the move properly or not. Although Jillian’s approach is more basic/athletic, a lot of the core/plank moves were reminiscent of what I’ve already seen in Dream Body and Tonique! These were much more doable because I knew there was a time limit and Jillian doesn’t go super-fast compared to those other workouts.

All in all, I really enjoyed this. I kind of stopped buying Jillian’s DVDs after Extreme Shed and Shred. NMTZ and BFBM are my all-time favorites, so this is kind of a nice combo of the two with some fresh moves. I loved the cardio section. Is it Jillian’s hardest? No, but they are good workouts and I’m just happy I tried a new workout and didn't "Joni-O" it for once! That's been happening a lot lately! The time flew by and I felt like I got a great workout in, so I'm happy!

Instructor Comments:
Jillian still pushes you through the workout, but either the blonde highlights or having kids has mellowed her out!