Patrick Goudeau
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Yoga

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I received this DVD as a preview copy. The menu includes the following options: (1) Pick One Release; (2) Design Your Own Release; (3) Complete Release. “Pick One” includes your choice of (1) Starfish Sun Salute; (2) Floating Moon Balance; 93) Eagles Flight Balance; (4) Wing Opener; (5) Core Power; (6) Hip Opener; and (7) Letting Go. “Design Your Own” includes the “Pick One” sections, plus the Dynamic Warm Up and Final Release.

Patrick makes brief introductions, then Erin Kirk begins the warm-up with standing twists, then she places her hands on her shoulders and rolls her elbows back (this felt great!), before moving into wide hip circles (hip stretches.)

Here is a brief description of each of the sections:

SUN – Arm circles with small jabs, then drop head to floor and roll up. Clasp arms behind back; forward fold with flat back, arms behind back and lifted toward ceiling. Return to standing and lift arms overhead, fingers pointing toward ceiling like a “beam of light”; lean to one side, then the other. I liked this segment.

MOON – Sun salutation to chair pose, plank/chataranga/plank, downward-facing dog, split dog, triangle, reverse triangle, downward-facing dog, split dog, plank/chataranga/updog, downward-facing dog, and forward fold – then do it all again, only faster. Lower into chair, then lower to mat and roll back into plow; standing back into chair and repeat. This was a very busy section!

EAGLE – Eagle arms (arms clasped one inside the other) with forward bend, lift and stretch back leg behind like a balancing stick. Return to standing in “figure four” pose, then return to standing with arms interlaced behind back. Lower into forward bend, then forward fold. This was a moderate-to-difficult (for me) balancing section.

WING – From plank position, turn to side plank, then into side “rainbow” (a sort of backbend). Shoulder stretch, then downward-facing dog; side stretch, then (only if you want!), try to move your hand under your leg and lift leg. WOW! Was THAT hard! Then do it all on the other side.

CORE – This section included variations of boat pose with different arm positions. Other yoga poses were teaser, updog, and downward-facing dog.

HIP – Start with downward-facing dog, move into a variation of pigeon pose, then plank, downdog, split dog, and pigeon pose. Then do the other side.

LET GO – Seated side stretch, leg stretches, neck stretches, prone spinal twist, and final corpse pose.

The total length of the workout was 58 minutes. It was tough, but doable; definitely something you can work up to. I enjoyed the music on this workout; it was very relaxing music with nature sounds (wind sounds, birds chirping, etc.)

Instructor Comments:
Erin is very encouraging and gives great verbal cuing. Patrick doesn’t do much except follow along (and he was great at this; he didn’t chatter or make annoying comments to demonstrate that this was HIS show, not Erin’s.)

Debbie J