Terry Shorter, Tina Shorter
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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This dvd contains five 6-10 minute segments and a warmup & cooldown, led by Terry or Tina. The DVD also contains a 5 min bonus ab routine. You will need dumbbells for this DVD. The Shorters work out in a nice gym with a group of exercisers, one showing beginner mods & one advanced. Also included prior to each section is an optional tutorial.

Some segments are all cardio, some all strength, and some include both and all have a focus: intensity, plyometrics, boxing, etc. Exercises include: air rope, squat jacks, fast feet, pliet squats, burpees, Mt. climbers, pushups, unweighted low back fly, mogul & jack combo, floor touch squats, punch & knee pull combos, blocks & kicks, push up to side plank and piston rows.

Bonus Abs: towel to knee pull down, side bends, lying leg extensions, side knee pulls, and figure 8's.

I rate this an intermediate routine. The Shorters are perky and provide great form pointers & motivation. The time really flies in this workout and each workout is very unique from each other. I got a great workout and I like that even beginning exercisers can benefit from this workout by utilizing the tutorials and beginner modifications. I received this dvd to review.



NOTE: I received a free review copy of this DVD for the Amazon Vine program.

The R.I.P.P.E.D. workout program was created by husband and wife team Terry and Tina Shorter. In their introduction, they explain that R.I.P.P.E.D.--or Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, and Diet and Nutrition--was designed to put the "fun" in functional training, in part through the use of all original music. (On their web site, the information about Terry Shorter reveals that he has a background in music/entertainment and that he performs all the music on the DVD, with Tina and their daughter Tawnie on background vocals).

The Main Menu of this DVD offers the following options: Introduction - Workout Options -Bonus Features (information about the founders) - Also from Acacia - Credits. The Workout Options submenu brings up the chapters and times as I have listed below, although I have added additional details. Where a "Y/N" is indicated, there is the option of playing a tutorial, which includes longer explanations of the moves (note that this does slow down the workout). Tony and Tina take turnings teaching live in a large brick studio with eight background exercisers. One of those exercisers, Beth, shows modifications, including lower impact, and another performs some more advanced moves. This routine requires dumbbells as well as a towel for the bonus abs segment.

PLAY ALL (48 min)...Y/N

WARM UP (6 min)
Terry leads the warm-up, which includes some kettlebell-inspired movements such as punches, dynamic stretching, and higher-impact moves including split runs and jumping jacks. The sequence is repeated several times.

RESISTANCE (7 min)...Y/N
Here Tina leads strength training for the upper body only. She performs bicep curls to the front and side, shoulder raises to the front and side, and then triceps dips on the floor; the entire series is repeated once. Only one set of dumbbells is used by the group, but most people will want a different weight for biceps versus shoulders.

INTERVALS (5 min)...Y/N
This cardio intervals segment is also led by Tina. Using an imaginary jump rope, she starts with heels front, first slow, then sped up. She also moves feet in/out and high knees forward and back. Additional moves including fast feet (making quarter turns and coming full circle), squat jacks, and a brief freestyle. The sequence is repeated several times.

POWER (10 min)...Y/N
Terry returns to led the power segment; he states that the larger, metabolic muscles are worked here. The main move is a pulsing squat/pliť that is repeated throughout--Terry notes that there are a total of 128 squats (I believe there are five sets). The squats/pliť combo is followed by slow burpees. There is also a plank with leg shift, plank with rotation, push-ups, and two rounds of reverse flyes/pistons.

Tina is back for another cardio-based section. The foundational move is a single-single-double quarter turn followed by a "hit the floor" alternating lunge; Tina returns to this brief sequence again and again. Next comes a side-to-side fancy footwork pattern. The remaining moves were a bit more plyo-based, including a "jump off" front-back side-to-side hop and a squat to jump.

ENDURANCE (10 min)...Y/N
In the intro, Tony, who instructs this section, states that it consists of three mixed-martial arts (MMA) based segments. There is actually one kickboxing sequence that is repeated throughout (a single-single-double punch, knee to either side, hook to either side), and then three other distinct patterns: 1) a classic boxing combination performed on either side, 2) a capoeira-inspired part that includes jenga and front kicks, and 3) a more MMA-feel sequence with punches down and burpees with knees.

This link pulls up a screen with some very basic information--e.g., the recommendation to consume a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat--and a referral to the R.I.P.P.E.D. web site.

COOL DOWN (5 min)
Tony moves through a sequence of stretches and Tai Chi-like flows. He starts with a calf stretch and front triangle, moves into a focus on a "ball of energy," stretches the quads, performs more flows, and finishes with upper body stretches.

BONUS ABS (5 min)
This is a 5.5-minute standing core work segment led by Tina; it is not included in the "Play All" selection. She holds a towel in her hands, and she repeats a side-to-side crunch throughout. The other moves include alternating knees front, bringing the towel to the shins; knees to one side; and using the towel to perform a row.

Those who enjoy a mix of cardio and strength all in one DVD are a good audience for this workout. It is a solid intermediate level, although it is geared more towards keeping the heart rate up than providing a challenging strength workout. The music is high energy yet also self-promoting (i.e., the name of the workout and tag line "one stop body shock" are both repeated throughout). However, those who enjoy R.I.P.P.E.D. classes at the gym are likely to appreciate this DVD, and it should appeal to other at-home exercisers as well.

Instructor Comments:
Terry and Tina both mirror-cue. Overall, however, I thought that Terry did a better job with cuing: Tina's prompts tend to come late, and her comments are very repetitive. Both seem very enthusiastic, if a bit scripted.

Beth C (aka toaster)