Pregnancy 3-Pack with Bonus Core Recovery

Lindsay Brin
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Lower Body Strength , Pregnancy/Postpartum , Upper Body Strength , Yoga

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Iíve only tried the 1st and 2nd trimester workouts so far because Iím only in my 2nd trimester. So far, I really like these workouts, and I would imagine the same would be true for the 3rd trimester as well. Lindsay is upbeat an encouraging in these workouts. She provides helpful modifications and general information on exercising during pregnancy as well. You also get a workout calendar that creates a workout schedule for you for each day. I like having the option to do either the Moderate workouts when I donít have as much energy or am not feeling so well or to do the Advanced workouts when I have a lot of energy.

From what I have seen so far, the Moderate version of the cardio and strength workouts contains one set of each exercise, and the Advanced versions of the cardio and strength workouts contain two sets. So in the cardio workout, for example, the Moderate version goes through all the drills once. In the Advanced version, you go through all of the drills once, and then you repeat all of the drills again.

The yoga relaxation and stretch workouts are the same for all the trimesters (Lindsay tells you this during the workout), but you are given trimester-specific modifications for each pose. I have only done the yoga toning workout from the second trimester, so I am not sure if itís the same for all trimesters. I thought the yoga was fine for a change of pace, but I prefer more traditional yoga workouts, so I am not sure how much more Iíll use them.

I think the workouts are great for pregnancy, and I like that there are trimester specific sets of workouts. I can even see using these workouts, particularly the first trimester and second trimester sets, during the early postpartum phase when you are ramping up in intensity to your exercise level pre-pregnancy.

Overall, this set has quite a lot of variety, and itís a great value.

Instructor Comments:
Lindsay is upbeat and encouraging.