Amenzone Rebel

Amen Iseghohi
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Amen works out with a group of exercisers, some using a tire & some just thier own body weight. They work out in a gym set w/ a DJ. You will need an optional tire (I used my Firm Zip Trainer, you could easily use dumbbells, or a med ball) or just use your own body weight. This is a 40 min core, cardio, & strength routine. Each exercise is performed for 30-120 seconds.

After a quick stretch, you move right into: ski or soccer drill w-toes to tire, shuffle around tire down to burpees off tire, elevator plank off tire, side to side pushups off tire, tire run, skater tire touch, squat w/ overhead tire raise, tire slam, lunges holding the tire, plank jacks off tire, squat & overhead tire swing, lateral plank hop ins, plank frog hops off the tire. Non-tire mods are shown for all exercises.

I rate this a low advanced workout that really packed a punch using the 12 lb Zip Trainer in place of the tire. Lots of unique & effective exercisers, functional movements, calorie torching cardio & strength combos. Amen provides great cuing and motivation. I obviously really loved the dvd since I joined the gym while still sweaty from the dvd workout. The dvd is a true representation of the gym workouts and DVD 2 is more intense, closer to the intensity of the live class. I received this dvd to review.