Eoin Finn
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Yoga

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There are three practices on this 2-dvd set. Pipeline is the full practice at 75 minutes. Swamis is a short core routine at 52 min. Pleasure Point is called a "short routine chill" and its 43 minutes. It is my understanding that the two shorter practices are premixes from the full practice.

I really enjoyed the full practice, Pipeline. The only other Eoin Finn dvd's I have are Power Yoga with Eoin Finn and Power Yoga for Happiness 2 Surfer edition. I would say that Pipeline is less strenuous than those ones. However, Pipeline has a lot of poses that made me think, "Wow I need a lot of core strength to be doing this." There were also a couple of poses that he might have made up, or at least renamed. The one that springs to mind he called a Surfer's Triangle (or something) and I had never seen it before.

One little complaint is that it seemed like he wasn't mirror cueing for most of the practice. I had to choose to either go by his instructions of left or right, or copy what he was doing onscreen. And then at the end of the practice, suddenly he was mirror cueing. I am usually okay to adjust to non mirror-cueing when I am already familiar with the poses, but for new things like the Surfer's Triangle, I wasn't sure I had figured it out. I also think he's been making dvd's for long enough that he should know about the importance of mirror cueing by this point. It is true that during the routines, the shots jump from one location to another and it probably was a lot of work to edit everything together. He is doing voice-over to lead the practice. I think they prioritized the beautiful scenic changes over mirror cueing.

The scenery is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. There is a good amount of time given over to breathing with a nice sized mediation at the beginning and a long Savasana at the end. Eoin is always terrific at helping adjust my attitude to a more yogic frame of mind, reminding me of the priorities for the practice (and life). I felt really good during the practice, and great afterwards.

I am really happy to have it!

Instructor Comments:
Excellent as always.