The FIRM: Power Cardio

Dale Brabham
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Let me start by saying that I purchased Maximum Cardio and Cardio Burn when they were released in 1999 and love these workouts. I looked for Power Cardio and was unable to find it. Fast forward many years later, and I picked up Calorie Killer 2 (renamed Power Cardio workout) for a song. Most of the workout has been broken down already so I'll just add my thoughts on this workout. Out of the three workouts released together I think this workout is the easiest, but it is by no means easy! I also think this workout has much more variety than the other workouts. You've got step, ball cardio, high impact cardio, 4-limb cardio, weight work, lower body work with ankle weights, bridge work, and ab work all rolled into one workout. I do like that you get a little bit of everything in this workout. However, I found the transitions a bit fast so I had to pause the workout to get set up. It is a very fun workout and time flew by! I worked up a good sweat with this workout and think I'll be reaching for it often!

Instructor Comments:
I like Dale. She seems a bit serious but that is okay by me. And she is in amazing shape!!



Dale leads this 43 min cardio + strength workout in the mansion set with a group of background exercisers. You will need a step, dumbbells, ankle weights, a weighted ball and optional dowel & barbell for this workout.

After an active warmup Dale leads you through a weighted ball series: ball prep, walking squat series, & hop scotch. Step work: fun kick series, knee ups, & mambo. Box & floor 4 limb work: lunge & glute pinch, travel squats & curl, & side step upright row. Floor cardio: v step, shuffle digs, jacks, double knees, bunny hops, calf pumps, & step touch. Strength work: bi curls, French press, pliet & upright row, hover squats, pushups, supermans, donkey kick series, plank knee drops, and a crunch series. The workout concludes with a stretch & pelvic floor work.

I rate this a solid intermediate routine, more challenging than most of the other newly released FIRMs. I was pleasantly surprised with the fun factor, effectiveness, and the punch that workout packed. Easy to modify up or down depending on the impact & poundage used. Dale is an excellent instructor and this is really yet another, must-have Fitness Favorites FIRM workout! I received this dvd to review.