BurstFit: Chest & Arm Definer

Josh Axe
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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Dr. Axe leads this 23 minute mostly strength workout in a small space with 2 background exercisers, one showing advanced and one showing beginner modifications. You will only need dumbbells for this workout.

You perform three 60 seconds exercises then repeat 2 more times, with short breaks. Exercises include concentration curls, trip dips, static squat & curl, tri kickback, burpee puhsups, diver pushups, chest squeeze & curl, slow pushups, and plyo jacks & curl. The workout concludes with a 2 minute 20/10 Mt. climber finisher.

Using heavier weights than the exercisers do - this is a high intermediate routine. Dr. Josh Axe provides excellent form pointers and has a very nice coaching style. He performs some of the exercises and walks around to check form for others. The structure of the workouts allows you to really work specific muscle groups and the time goes by very quickly. I foresee getting a ton of use out of this series. I received this dvd to review.