Modern Pilates: Pilates Mat Workout

Lisa Johnson
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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This dvd includes 52 min pilates routine and a 2 minute tutorial. Lisa works out with 2 backgrounders each showing various modifications, in a pilates studio.

After a warm up, exercises include: lying stretches, crunches, rollups, roll over, hundred, leg circles, rolling like a ball, bicycle, scissors, single & double leg stretch, forward spine stretch, rocker, corkscrew, saw, lying glute work, low back extensions, superman, swan, rock & catch, tri press ups, swimmer, shoulder stand, and concludes with a stretch.

I rate this an intermediate routine that is great for all fitness levels because of the modification options offered. I really like Lisa and look forward to working out with her again. She offers excellent instruction and leads the workout at a nice pace. I received this dvd to review.