Yoga For Surfers: Baby on Board with Peggy Hall

Peggy Hall
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Yoga

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This dvd contains two 25 minute segments, one to energize and one to soothe. Also with the dvd is the best 5 prenatal yoga poses laminated on a card inside the case. The program is designed for active moms-to-be and is a one of a kind prenatal yoga routine.

Energizing Sequence: 25 minutes of invigorating moves that help energize you, keep aches and pains away, and help keep your muscles strong and supple. Reduce stress and increase strength. Includes a meditation segment.

Soothing Sequence: 25 minutes of calming and soothing poses for mind, body, & soul. Perfect to obtain a peaceful mindset and to stretch out sore & tired muscles. Great for lower energy days or to tack on to the energizing routine as a cool down & stretch.

This is a great prenatal routine that is great for all fintess levels during pregnancy. Lots of good info and plenty of variety. I received this dvd to review.