Dr. Levi the Art of Fitness

Levi Harrison
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This dvd contains a 35 min aerobic workout, a 14 min ab workout, and a 21 min strength workout. You will need dumbbells for the strength (titled core) workout. Dr. Levi works out with 4 background exercisers, all showing various exercise modifications.

Cardio: This is a classic aerobics routine. Exercises include: run, jog, double knees, kicks, wide run, toe taps, scissors, side step, chug, step, punch series, jump rope, and concludes with a cooldown & stretch. Dr. Levi keeps you moving and wastes no time without complex choreo.

Core (strength): Exercises include squats & bi curls, pec work, steering wheel shoulder work, upper back fly, row, tri kickbacks, pushups & side raises, pliet & windmill arms, low back work, and a table top series. Dr. Levi includes many multi muscle exercises and keeps the pace quick.

Abs: Dr. Levi works out alone in this segment. Exercises include: plank series, walking plank, crunches, bicycle, oblique crunches, weighted oblique crunches, v crunch, jack knife, leg drops, scissor legs, and pushups.

I rate this a solid intermediate routine that is great for most exercise levels depending on the modifier you follow. Dr. Levi is obviously an advanced exerciser but shows many options for less advanced levels and offers simple choreo & straightforward exercises to get in and get the job done. Dr. Levi & friends are really enjoying themselves & you can tell he is passionate about exercise & fitness. I received this dvd to review.